Egypt refuses to stop Iranian aid ships

Kuwaiti paper al-Dar reported on Friday that Egypt rejected Israel’s request not to assist the Iranian ships slated to sail to the Gaza Strip in the coming days, . The Kuwaiti paper, which cites Egyptian sources, said the officers of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak appealed to Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar […]

U.S. lawmakers rap Turkey for its stance on Israel

U.S. lawmakers warned Turkey on Wednesday that its ties with Washington would suffer if it continued on what they considered an anti-Israel path. “There will be a cost if Turkey stays on its present heading of growing closer to Iran and more antagonistic to the state of Israel,” Representative Mike Pence, the No. 3 Republican […]

Freedom Flotilla: Putin calls Israeli raid a ‘crude violation of international law’

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday his country would raise the issue of an investigation into the Israeli boarding of an aid ship off Gaza at the United Nations, calling the Israeli action “a crude violation of international law.” Speaking at security summit of Eurasian leaders in Istanbul, Mr. Putin also said that U.N. […]

Hezbollah: It is vital for Lebanon to have a resistance movement

Lebanon would be obligated to form a resistance movement against Israel even if Hezbollah never existed, Shiite leaders said Wednesday. Naim Kassem, Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, said it was vital that Lebanon be strong enough to counter Israeli aggression and interference in the region. Kassem told his supporters that the Shiite resistance movement (Hezbollah) was […]

Amnesty tells Israel to stop ‘harassing’ Palestinian activist

Amnesty International called on Israeli authorities on Wednesday to end what it called “harassment” of an Arab human rights activist held on suspicion of spying for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Amnesty said Ameer Makhoul, an Arab citizen of Israel, has been denied legal advice while in custody. The Israeli Prisons Authority referred an AFP query […]

Geagea: Hezbollah controls Lebanon’s defense policy

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said on Wednesday that Hezbollah controls Lebanon’s defense policy and not the government, “The decision of when and how to defend Lebanon is currently not in the hands of the government,” Geagea told AFP “An armed force independent of the army exists in Lebanon, and we do not know what […]

Najjar: It is wrong to turn our fear of Israel into intellectual terrorism

Lebanon’s Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said the statement of ( Hezbollah) MP Nawaf al-Moussawi that all European passport holders should be considered as spies is very dangerous and carries hostility toward the Lebanese security forces .” He said in an interview with MTV that it is not right to turn the fear from Israel into […]