Israeli PM joins U.S. elections, appears in Obama attack ad

A new political ad produced by a fringe nonprofit group uses footage of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning about Iran’s nuclear program in order to attack President Barack Obama. The group, Secure America Now, has spent $400,000 to air the ad in heavily Jewish districts in south Florida,

Jumblatt slams NAM summit for supporting Assad regime

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt slammed Monday the Non-Aligned Movement’s summit in Iran for its support for the Syrian regime’s “tyranny” against its people. “It is ironic for the Non-Aligned Movement which was formed in Belgrade in 1961 by prominent leaders such as former Egyptian president Jamal Abdel-Nasser, former Yugoslavia’s president

Israel Says Hezbollah Moves Missiles Near Border

In an unusual move, the Israeli military has released detailed intelligence material on Hezbollah’s military build up in South Lebanon to the media. As the 4th anniversary of the “Second Lebanon War” approaches on July 12, Wednesday’s release of the information seemed designed to prepare international opinion for any future conflict.