New Syria in the making, report

Less than one month after its formation, and at an emergency meeting in Cairo on Monday, the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces — the latest and broadest front of political opposition groups — said it will choose a prime minister to lead the transitional government that will oversee relief aid and foreign […]

Insider role in Lebanese General’s death ! report

New details about the assassination of a top intelligence official suggested that it might have been an inside job, fueling at least some accusations by political opponents of the Hezbollah-led government that Hezbollah, a militant Shiite group, had played a role in the killing. Since the bomb attack, there has been a widespread belief here […]

SHARE Beirut Conference set for 5th to 7th of October

SHARE Conference announced that Lebanon’s capital Beirut will host the group’s “internationally acclaimed” event in various locations around the city starting the first week of October, according to a press release issued on Friday .

Hariri slams government ‘silence’ over Syria border killings

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Sunday the government’s silence in the face of the killing of two citizens by Syrian shells over the weekend is unacceptable, and accused it of having been appointed to facilitate such acts. “The silence of the Lebanese Government is unacceptable.

Franjieh the consensus candidate for Interior Ministry?

The process of the government formation has gone back to square one. The most recent cabinet formation proposal involves giving the Interior Ministry to Marada Movement leader and staunch ally of Syria MP Sleiman Franjieh, MTV reported on Saturday night. Aoun’s latest verbal attack on President Michel Suleiman created another obstacle to the government formation […]