Google made it up for Lebanon on independence day

Lebanon did not officially celebrate its 71st independence anniversary this Saturday , but Google made it up for the Lebanese by celebrating our independence in style with a doodle featuring dancers performing the national “dabke” folk dance. The Lebanese government decided to cancel the Independence Day celebrations for the first time since the 1975-1990 civil […]

In a rare move , EU parlianment wants to split up Google

The European parliament is poised to call for a break-up of Google, in one of the most brazen assaults so far on the technology group’s power. The gambit increases the political pressure on the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, to take a tougher line on Google, either in its antitrust investigation into the company […]

Google unveils Chromebook Pixel Touch-Screen Laptop

Google Inc. GOOG on Thursday unveiled the first touch-screen laptops powered by its Chrome operating system—the latest foray into hardware development for the company best known for its Internet search and mobile software. The new high-end Chrome device, which is called the Chromebook Pixel and went on sale Thursday, was designed and built by Google […]

Google promotes Speak2Tweet as Syria disappears from Internet

Syria’s Internet and cell phone service has been blacked out since yesterday, giving citizens little to no access to reaching the rest of the world. In the wake of these events, Google is once again promoting its Speak2Tweet program in an effort to facilitate a one-way line of communication to keep Internet users outside of […]