Walk Free Foundation: 36 million people living as slaves worldwide

Almost 36 million people are living as slaves across the globe with an index on Monday listing Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Qatar and India as the nations where modern-day slavery is most prevalent. The Walk Free Foundation, an Australian-based human rights group, estimated in its inaugural slavery index last year that 29.8 million people were born […]

Russia’s 2012 crackdown worst since Soviet era , report

Authoritarianism increased last year in Russia to levels unseen since the Soviet era with a raft of harsh laws curbing political freedoms and harassment of opposition activists and critics, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday. The crackdown coincided with the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin and the appointment of his predecessor

How Not To Help Lebanon

A bombing Friday in Beirut assassinated the head of the Intelligence Bureau of that country’s Internal Security Forces, Wissam Al Hassan, a Sunni officer who was a leading foe of the Assad regime and of Hezbollah. The White House issued the following statement : Statement by NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Attack in Beirut:

The Syrian people Want Foreign Intervention?

Holding a microphone on a makeshift stage, Abdel Basset al-Sarout — former goalie of the Syrian national youth squad, current bard of the region’s bloodiest uprising — led a packed Homs street in a soul-stirring chant: “The people… want… military intervention!” In Homs, the evolution of chants has reflected