Fatah Al-Intifada denied kidnapping the 7 Estonians

Fatah-Intifada denied claims that its group is behind the kidnapping of the seven Estonians ” is not true and only serves those keen on destabilizing Lebanon. The group has never and will never resort to such actions.” According to a statement.

National Liberal party rejects Abou Moussa’s statements

Lebanon’s National Liberal party which is headed by MP Dori Chamoun issued a statement in which it rejected what it called ” Abou Moussa’s provocative statements “. Abou Moussa, the leader of Fatah Al Intifada Palestinian militant group an ally of Syria has outraged the country last week when he announced that he refuses to […]

Fatah al-Intifada refuses to disarm in Lebanon

Fatah al-Intifada founder Abou Moussa rejected disarming Palestinian militants outside the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and stressed the issue of arms is up to the Palestinians and not the Lebanese . “Palestinian arms outside refugee camps … are aimed at confronting the Zionist enemy in case there was a new aggression on Lebanon’s south,” […]