Hariri: The Orthodox law is a crime against Lebanon

In a TV interview with Marcel Ghanem Thursday evening which was broadcasted live from Paris on LBC’s “Kalam Ennass” program , former Lebanese Prime minister and the leader of the largest parliamentary bloc Saad Hariri rejected the proposed Orthodox electoral law ” because it divides the Christians and Muslims and this is a crime against […]

Nasrallah: Christians have reason to be scared after what happened in Iraq, Nigeria, Syria

During a ceremony marking Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah attacked the Campaigns against the Prophet calling them deliberate and suspicious. “The Campaigns against Prophet Mohammed are deliberate and suspicious and aimed at abusing the great Apostle and his humanity

NLP calls for smaller Lebanon parliament to save money

National Liberal Party ( NLP) leader MP Dori Chamoun called on Wednesday for reducing the size of Lebanon parliament from 128 to 88 members to save the Lebanese taxpayers money, adding that Lebanon should have as many MPs as electoral districts . “I support the individual-districts electoral law proposal and for this reason there should […]

Lebanon PM: Civil marriage debate is ‘useless’

Despite President Michel Sleiman’s call for resuming the debate in the Cabinet over legalizing civil marriage in Lebanon , Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Tuesday after returning from Saudi Arabia that such a debate is useless amid the current circumstances in the country. “This issue is not on the table at the moment, since […]

Lebanon committee focusing on Boutros electoral law

The electoral parliamentary subcommittee ended its meeting on Tuesday without reaching any agreement over a new parliamentary electoral law for the 2013 parliamentary elections. According to MP Robert Ghanem who chairs the committee even though the session was very positive, the approval of an electoral law will not resolve the disputes in Lebanon.

Jumblatt calls for establishing a Senate in Lebanon

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt also jumped on the civil marriage bandwagon and voiced his support for it a day after President Michel Suleiman called for legalizing civil marriage in Lebanon to help build unity in the multi-faith country. In his weekly article in PSP’s al Anbaa newspaper ,Jumblatt lauded Suleiman’s “progressive thinking,”