U.S. in $3.5 billion arms sale to UAE amid Iran tensions

The United States has signed a $3.5 billion sale of an advanced antimissile interception system to the United Arab Emirates, part of an accelerating military buildup of its friends and allies near Iran. The deal, signed on December 25 and announced on Friday night by the U.S. Defense Department, “is an important step in improving […]

UN envoy to Lebanon voices support for developing defense strategy

The top United Nations envoy to Lebanon today met with the minister in charge of administrative reform and voiced support for the country’s national dialogue, a reconciliation process, which will meet tomorrow to discuss developing a national defense strategy. Michael Williams, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, also expressed UN support for the reinforcement of […]

Lebanese Army strategy and roadmap sees vast improvements

Talks between Defense Minister Elias Murr and U.S. officials on supporting the Lebanese army have reached agreement on several points, including military aid that will arrive early next month as well as army needs for the coming three, five and 10 years. U.S. sources said the Lebanese army has made a “qualitative leap” in the […]