Khoury: Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all

Minister Nazem Khoury who represents president Suleiman in the cabinet told Voice of Lebanon on Saturday that “Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all of us in Lebanon including the president “. He added: President Suleiman made his comments on this basis and that is “it is necessary to adopt a clear defense […]

Hamadeh slams Raad over remarks on defense strategy

March 14 MP Marwan Hamadeh slammed the statements made by Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad on the issue of the national defense strategy. “Raad’s statements confirmed that Hezbollah does not want a national defense strategy. In addition, Hezbollah has no intention to liberate Israeli-occupied Lebanese lands ,” Hamadeh said during an interview with Al-Jumhuriya