Syria’s Shaaban involved in Samaha’s terror plot

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence branch has discovered that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s media adviser Buthaina Shaaban is involved in former minister Michel Samaha’s terror plot, MTV reported on Friday. MTV quoted senior sources as saying that the ISF’s Intelligence Branch has forwarded

Strained Syrian army calls up reserves; some flee

Syria is calling up former soldiers from the reserves to active army service in growing numbers, a sign of the strain of efforts to crush the 17-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad. Several fleeing reservists and a serving army officer told Reuters that thousands of men had been called up

Red Cross chief holds aid talks with Syria’s Assad

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Tuesday during a mission to push for better access for aid workers, an ICRC spokesman said. Red Cross chief Peter Maurer held 45 minutes of talks with the Syrian leader, spokesman Hicham Hassan said. He did not […]

Lebanon centrists distancing themselves from Syria

President Michel Suleiman’s changing position on Syria has recently become more evident through several of his actions according to political and parliamentary sources. Suleiman’s request that Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour protest to Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali about Syrian violations of Lebanon’s border;

Turkey presses U.N. to house refugees inside Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged the United Nations on Wednesday to care for displaced Syrians inside their country instead of letting them flood into Turkey, which already hosts more than 80,000 refugees. Ankara, fearing a mass influx such as the flight of half a million Iraqi Kurds into Turkey after the 1991 Gulf War, […]

Sharp rise in refugee flows from Syria

A surge in the number of Syrians seeking sanctuary from their country’s soaring violence prompted the Turkish government to halt the flow of refugees at two key border crossings Sunday amid an escalating humanitarian crisis that is swamping Syria’s neighbors and intensifying pressure for international intervention.

Rebels try to win the hearts of the Syrian people

Syrian rebels steal diesel from army trucks to give to the poor, form councils to restore basic services, fix power lines and make sure bakeries have flour for bread. But the attempts to win over public opinion come with a flip side, with the fighters increasingly accused of circulating

UN: Syrian refugees top 200,000 as exodus grows

More than 200,000 Syrians have poured into neighbouring countries during the conflict, surpassing the 185,000 the U.N. refugee agency had expected to flee by the end of the year. The total reflects an increase of about 30,000 in the past week alone to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan,