Time for a New Revolution in Lebanon?

Lebanon, the tiny country on the eastern end of the Mediterranean basin may be small in size, yet it faces huge problems.

Gemayel: The hearts of some Lebanese are still occupied

On the occasion marking the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon Phalange party MP Nadim Gemayel said that unfortunately even though the Lebanese soil was liberated, the hearts of some are still occupied. He voiced his regrets that seven years after the Syrian withdrawal there are some Lebanese who still believe that the Syrians are […]

Cedar Revolution marks seventh anniversary

Civil society activists on Wednesday took the center stage during the rally organized by the March 14 forces to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the March 14, 2005 “Cedar Revolution.” “Has our will really weakened? No, a thousand times no, the Cedar Revolution has not waned,” said prominent journalist May Chidiac in her speech at […]

MP Hamadeh: Cedar Revolution liberated the Lebanese from jail, but Berri is still in it

MP Marwan Hamadeh rejected the accusations of Speaker Nabih Berri that the Cedar Revolution is trying to monopolize power and said that the “revolution liberated the Lebanese from prison , but Berri is still in it, stressing that Berri’s statements are completely rejected.”

Future Movemen: Hezbollah doesn’t know any better

The Future bloc issued a statement on Friday responding to Hezbollah’s accusations that the Future Movement is interfering in Syria. “The Loyalty to Resistance bloc ( Hezbollah) has eagerly rushed to condemn a broad Lebanese political movement without a trial, documents or evidences,