The rather dangerous Monsieur Hollande

IT IS half of the Franco-German motor that drives the European Union. It has been the swing country in the euro crisis, poised between a prudent north and spendthrift south, and between creditors and debtors. And it is big. If France were the next euro-zone country to get into trouble, the single currency’s very survival […]

Saudi owns 40% of total Arab investments in Lebanon

The volume of Saudi investments in Lebanon amounted to $6 billion (SR22.50 billion), which accounts for nearly 40 percent of total Arab investments in that country, Saudi Ambassador to Beirut Ali Asiri said. He said some 111,701 Saudi tourists visited Lebanon in 2011, who accounted for 19 percent and 6.7 percent of Arab and overall […]

ArabNet RoadShow conducts workshop on entrepreneurship

Omar Christidis worked with Dubai Internet City (DIC) for the first time last December, conducting a workshop on entrepreneurship. His ArabNet RoadShow team, based in Beirut, travelled by bus to six countries in the Middle East and North Africa, where they held workshops to support entrepreneurs to start their own companies.