Bahrain: opposition boycotts the first election since the 2011 protests

ON THE face of it, voting has never been easier in Bahrain. Citizens can use a smartphone app to register to vote in the parliamentary elections on November 22nd, and ballot boxes have been organised for citizens abroad. But it will be a skewed event with a pre-ordained result: while the government is laying on […]

US House votes to boycott Russians arming Syria

The US House of Representatives lashed out at Russia for its unwavering support for Syria, voting Thursday to stop the Pentagon from doing business with a Russian company that has armed Bashar Assad’s regime. The overwhelming 407-5 vote on an amendment to the defense spending bill came just hours after Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution […]

Chinese envoy heads to Syria after U.N. vote against Assad

A senior Chinese official was due to visit Damascus on Friday in a show of support for Bashar-al Assad after the U.N. General Assembly told the Syrian president to halt a violent crackdown and surrender power. Assad showed no sign of easing his campaign to stamp out the 11-month uprising against his rule.