Iran Closer to Weapons-Grade Fuel, Experts

Iran has advanced its nuclear program to where it will be able to produce weapons-grade fuel in two to four months, nuclear experts and former United Nations inspectors said. The new assessments feed growing alarm in the U.S., Europe and Israel that efforts to deny Tehran a nuclear-weapons capability could be rendered futile by as […]

IAEA mission to Iran ends in failure

U.N. nuclear officials conceded failure on Tuesday after an extraordinary, two-day visit to Iran yielded no progress in clearing up allegations about the country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons technology. A spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency said a delegation from the U.N. nuclear watchdog was returning home

New York bomb suspect called ‘weird’ by neighbors

The man at the center of the botched Times Square car bomb plot was known in his neighborhood as a mysterious loner who kept odd hours and “always looked on edge,” neighbors said Tuesday. “I thought he might be connected to to terrorism – a lot of us did because he acted strangely,” said Dashawn […]