March 14 / PSP alliance wins Beirut Bar Association’s by-election

March 14  and Progressive Socialist  Party  ( PSP) coalition candidates won three out of four vacant seats at the Beirut Bar Association’s by-elections on  Sunday. Nada Talhouk, ,  Jack Abu Abdullah  and Charles Abi Saab from March 14 /PSP , and Fadi Haddad from March 8 won seats as syndicate members. Talhouk  who represented PSP won the largest […]

Pro-Assad gunmen kidnap more than 100 in Syria

Beirut, Lebanon – More than 100 civilians have been abducted by armed groups in the Syrian province of Idlib in separate incidents, a watchdog said on Friday, expressing alarm over what it said were “sectarian kidnappings”. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the kidnappings in the northwestern province occurred on Thursday in two […]

Assad’s friend Gen. Tlas deserts Syria for France

Manaf Tlas, a family friend of President Bashar al-Assad and head of a unit of his elite Republican Guard, has fled Syria for France and has information about the regime that could help its opponents, the Syrian rebel army said on Friday.

Gen. Manaf Tlas, an Assad confidant defected !

Beirut, Lebanon- A commander in Syria’s elite Republican Guards, who was a member of the Damascus aristocracy and a close friend and contemporary of President Bashar al-Assad, was reported on Thursday to have fled the country and defected.