Lebanon: Mystery surrounds the identity of crashed drone

A Hezbollah official Sunday denied a drone that crashed in northeastern Lebanon belonged to the militant group. According to local reports, Hezbollah officials cordoned off the crash site and prevented access to the area. A Hezbollah crew later transported the wreckage to an unknown destination.

Lebanese troops attacked by gunmen in Baalbek

A Lebanese army patrol was fired on in Baalbek’s neighborhood of Sherawneh, the National News Agency reported on Tuesday, adding that soldiers were injured. The army heavily deployed in the area following the shooting, according to the report, adding that the attack came after the army arrested one of the “most dangerous wanted” people in […]

Drug dealer killed, son wounded in Baalbeck

Hosni Zoaiter, a prominent drug dealer was killed Friday and his son wounded in a shootout with Lebanese troops in Baalbek. According to NNA Zoaiter opened fire on Lebanese soldiers during a chase in the Baalbek town of Kneisseh, prompting troops to return fire. Zoaiter was instantaneously killed and his son was wounded.