Syrian air force general assassinated by rebels

Syrian state television said on Tuesday that an air force general was assassinated in a Damascus suburb, the latest in a string of attacks on high-level figures from President Bashar al-Assad’s administration. “Terrorists assassinated General Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Khalidi in Rukn al-Din,” state TV

MP Haber: Hezbollah, Syria behind assassinations in Lebanon

Phalange party MP Fadi al-Haber told Kuwaiti daily As-Seyassah in remarks published on Wednesday that Hezbollah and the Syrian regime have been involved in “all” the past assassinations and attempted assassinations in Lebanon. “All the assassination attempts that occurred in Lebanon in the past were coordinated between Hezbollah and the Syrian regime,” Haber said.

Syria’s Shaaban involved in Samaha’s terror plot

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence branch has discovered that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s media adviser Buthaina Shaaban is involved in former minister Michel Samaha’s terror plot, MTV reported on Friday. MTV quoted senior sources as saying that the ISF’s Intelligence Branch has forwarded

Hariri: Hope Ramadan will end suffering of Syrian people

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Saturday that he hopes the holy month of Ramadan would bring an end to the suffering of the Syrian people. “I wish this Holy month will spell the end of suffering of the Syrian people at the hand of the brutal regime, and will mark the beginning of their […]

MP Harb: Cabinet must hand over telecom data to avert strife

March 14 MP Boutros Harb told the Voice of Lebanon radio station on Saturday that the cabinet must hand over the required telecommunication data to the security forces in order to prevent a strife in Lebanon. “The cabinet is still withholding telecom data; if it wants to avoid strife in the country, it should handle […]

Responses to Damascus bombing mirror Lebanon’s divisions

The bomb attack in Damascus on Wednesday prompted starkly different reactions among political groups in Lebanon, many of whom define themselves by their support of or hatred for the Syrian government. When news of the bombing broke early in the afternoon, celebratory gunfire broke out in Tripoli

Syria assassinations: Hezbollah faces a moment of reckoning

Observers are predicting increased political problems for Hezbollah in Lebanon because of its close ties with the Syrian regime. In an article for Foreign Affairs, Mona Yacoubian explains: “Hezbollah faces a moment of reckoning. The increasingly likely demise of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Damascus would deprive the militant Lebanese Shiite organisation of one of its […]

Lebanon assassination attempts revive suspicions about Syria

Samir Geagea was bending down to pick a flower, he said, when he heard the sound of gunshots. From a hilltop a kilometer away, a sniper drew a bead on the political leader, a former warlord, sending a bullet past his head and another by his torso. “It missed me by chance, or by providence […]