US donates 6 helicopters to Lebanese air force

The United States has given six military helicopters to the Lebanese air force, a diplomatic source said on Wednesday, bolstering forces that have been struggling to deal with violence spreading over the border from Syria. “Six Huey 2 helicopters have been delivered to Lebanon as part of bilateral military assistance,”

Rebels seize base, force Syrian army soldiers to flee

Rebel groups including a hardline Islamist unit seized a government army command center in northern Syria on Sunday, forcing more than 100 soldiers to flee, a monitoring group said. Jabhat al-Nusra, a group suspected of having links with al Qaeda, helped rebels take over the site – part of the 111th regiment base in the […]

Egypt’s army deploys around palace after deadly clashes

The Egyptian army’s elite Republican Guard deployed with tanks around the presidential palace overnight following clashes between supporters of President Mohamed Morsi and opposition protesters in which six people died. The Republican Guard, whose job includes protecting the president, ordered demonstrators away from the perimeter of the palace, after more scuffles broke out Thursday morning.

Assad tried to rally the army on its 67th anniversary

Syrian President Bashar Assad has made a rare public statement urging his armed forces to step up the fight against rebels as the uprising agaisnt him continues to rage. Assad has not spoken publicly since a bombing killed four of his top security aides two weeks ago. The latest written statement was carried by the […]

Lebanon army to sue MP Merehbi for attacking it

The Lebanese Army Command on Tuesday said in a statement that it has “launched legal measures aimed at prosecuting MP Moein Merehbi for attacking the military institution and insulting its leadership. The statement issued by the army also said that the institution would no longer respond to Merhebi’s statements.

Lebanon to boost army presence on border with Syria

The Cabinet met on Monday and approved a plan to boost the presence of the Lebanese Army along the northern border with Syria and recommended expanding an investigation into the May killing by the army of Sheikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahed a prominent anti-Assad cleric and his bodyguard Mohammad Hussein al-Mereb.