Trump fired Flynn over eroding trust: White House

President Trump asked Michael Flynn to resign as national security adviser because of eroding trust —not because he violated the law, the White House said Tuesday. In a briefing dominated by questions about Flynn, press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly said the former national security adviser had done nothing wrong in talking to counterparts around the […]

Flynn, fired once by Obama, now resigns to Trump

Fired by one American commander in chief for insubordination, Michael Flynn has now delivered his resignation  to another. President Donald Trump had been weighing the fate of his national security adviser, a hard-charging, feather-ruffling retired lieutenant general who just three weeks into the new administration had put himself in the center of a controversy. Flynn resigned […]

National security adviser Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, report

The acting attorney general informed the Trump White House late last month that she believed Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail, current and former U.S. officials said. […]

Trump urged to replace his White House chief of staff Reince Priebus

One of President Trump’s longtime friends made a striking move on Sunday: After talking privately with the president over drinks late Friday, Christopher Ruddy publicly argued that Trump should replace his White House chief of staff. “A lot of people have been saying, ‘Look, Donald has some problems,’ and I think he realizes that he’s […]

Trump has been sued over 60 times since becoming president, report

Donald Trump is certainly no stranger to the legal system. He’s been sued thousands of times during his career as a real-estate developer, and that trend appears to be continuing now that he’s president — a job that already draws its fair share of litigation. More than 60 lawsuits have been filed against Trump in federal court in the three […]

Trump’s top aide counseled by the White House over promoting his daughter’s brand

The White House has “counseled” a top aide to President Donald Trump after she promoted Ivanka Trump’s fashion line during a national cable television appearance from the White House. But House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz says that’s not enough, calling what c did “wrong, wrong, wrong, clearly over the line, unacceptable.” The Utah Republican congressman […]

Part of Paris metro disrupted by electrical fault, smoke -police

Part of Paris’ metro underground train service was disrupted on Wednesday night because of an electrical fault that caused smoke at one of the stations, police in the French capital said. A police spokesman said the incident was due to a technical fault. “No explosion. This was not a (terrorist) attack,” the spokesman said. Two […]

Trump attacks judges weighing travel ban

President Trump on Wednesday went after a panel of federal judges weighing whether a court order blocking his travel ban should be lifted. Speaking to a gathering of law enforcement officials, Trump argued the judges should immediately reinstate the executive order in the name of national security. “I don’t want to call a court biased, […]