A newly-discovered ‘lost continent’ has been found buried under the Mediterranean

BY ROSIE MCCALL Atlantis may have scraped a reputation as “the lost continent,” but a newly-discovered land mass may be more deserving of the title. Describing their discovery in the journal Gondwana Research, researchers at the Universities of Utrecht, Oslo and Zürich have named this ancient continent—now buried under the Mediterranean—Greater Adria. The announcement follows […]

Amazon delivery robots are officially on the streets

Amazon has officially rolled out its last-mile delivery robots in a Southern California testbed. Called Scout, the delivery robot is designed to autonomously ferry parcels from urban distribution points to Amazon Prime customers, removing the need for vans and cars in last-mile delivery. An executive guide to the technology and market drivers behind the $135 […]

The mission of a lifetime: a drone on Titan in 2034

Elizabeth Tuttle was overjoyed when, on June 26, she received a call from NASA: her project to send a drone copter to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, was given the green light and a budget of nearly a billion dollars. But the launch of “Dragonfly” won’t happen until 2026 — surely a frustrating detail, given she […]

Trump struggles with a growing problem on the border

Tensions are rising, fingers are pointing and the search for solutions is becoming increasingly fraught. Overwhelmed by an influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border that is taxing the immigration system, President Donald Trump is grasping for something — anything — to stem the tide. Trump, who campaigned on a promise to secure the border, […]

Apple shows off its most expensive iPhone yet

Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product’s appeal amid slowing sales. CEO Tim Cook showed off the iPhone XS Max, which has a bigger screen than the one on last year’s dramatically designed model , the iPhone X. It’ll […]

What Does Mars Water Mean for Chances of Alien Life?

  BY JONTI HORNER We now know that there is permanent liquid water on Mars, according to a paper published Wednesday in the journal Science. This new finding comes from research using the Mars Express spacecraft that has been orbiting the red planet since December 25, 2003. One of the suite of instruments carried by Mars […]

800 million workers could be replaced by robots in hotels, airports and supermarkets

South Korean tech giant LG Electronics said Thursday it will showcase three new “concept robots” at next week’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas A McKinsey report released in November said that up to 800 million workers could be affected globally by automation and the rise of artificial intelligence Tech companies are testing robots to […]