Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit

By: Ali Shihabi President Trump just announced that Saudi Arabia will be the first foreign country he visits as president, underscoring both the success of Saudi outreach to the new administration, and the determination of this President to recommit to the strategic alliance providing stability in an unstable region. The symbolism of this is exceptionally […]

What happens if the president doesn’t matter?

By Steven Pearlstein It is more than five months since the election, three months since the inauguration — enough time to be able to make an informed prognosis about economic and domestic policy under President Trump and the Republican Congress. What we know, first and foremost, is that it hardly matters what Trump says because […]

Trump and Kushner: “It’s what they do in banana republics”

By Mark Mardel Some White House watchers have noted that weekends can be tricky for President Donald Trump. A number of crises have blown up on a Friday and not been sorted out until Sunday. Observers say it’s because that’s when President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – an observant Orthodox Jewish man – is off duty, […]

Assad did it, and Russia’s Putin has a problem

By Hamish de Bretton-Gordon It is now clear that the deadly nerve agent sarin, the same agent which the Assad regime used to kill up to 1,500 people in East Ghouta near Damascus in August 2013, was used in the chemical attack on Idlib last week. As the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations […]

Jared Kushner is the wrong person to reinvent government

By Elizabeth Spiers On my first day of work as the editor in chief of the New York Observer, which had been acquired five years earlier by Jared Kushner, now the son-in-law and senior adviser to President Trump, I inherited an office and a desktop computer, both in fine but used condition. The computer was […]

What to expect from the Arab summit

Arab leaders meeting at the Dead Sea on Wednesday are not expected to adopt momentous resolutions that could spell a departure from previous positions on key issues that include Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the war on terrorism. But the overall message coming from the 28th Arab summit will be one of unity and accord, […]

Will Hezbollah Remain in Syria Forever?

By Mona Alami Hezbollah plays a highly versatile role in Syria. The Lebanese organization initially provided expert support to Assad in its crackdown on protesters. In 2011, Lebanese media started publicizing the death of Hezbollah fighters in Syria. The role of Hezbollah evolved to encompass offensive strategy during battles and much needed training to militias […]