Inside Syria’s Propaganda Wars

BY JANINE DI GIOVANNI Wartime propaganda has a long history. The earliest records go back to the rise of the Persian king Darius. In the modern era, some of the most effective propaganda occurred during World War I, with reports of German soldiers bludgeoning babies during the “Rape of Belgium.” The conflict in Syria has […]

Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel is unfit to serve

By Jeremy Ben-Ami As the Nazis rolled into Vienna in 1938, my father was helping boats full of Jews escape down the Danube River. He had been sent to Vienna by Menachem Begin and the Irgun, the Jewish freedom fighting movement, to save Jews from the Nazis. The operation he ran is credited with saving […]

Syria war: Aleppo dies for a cause

By: Azzam Tamimi The people of Aleppo, like the majority of Syrians, rose against tyranny after they saw fellow Arabs in Tunisia and Egypt topple their own tormentors. Their revolution began peacefully and most Syrians wished for it to remain so. However, the local tyrant, with his regional and international backers, had other ideas. He […]

Donald Trump says he wants to fix cities. His fixer might break them

By Thomas J. Sugrue Donald Trump talked more about cities than any major-party candidate for president in decades. The picture he painted was bleak. He described “inner cities” as hellholes and depicted urban blacks as the tragic victims of generations of neglect. He visited Detroit, blaming ostensibly liberal public policies for its long depopulation and […]

Trump’s Generals: Relying on military brass could jeopardize U.S. civil-military relations

By Phillip Carter and Loren DeJonge Schulman More than any other president-elect in recent memory, Donald Trump has sought out military brass to populate his inner circle. Trump announced Thursday that he wants retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as his defense secretary — a post traditionally designated for a civilian. Trump is also considering retired […]

Trump won’t change, determined to be Trump… sticking to the bulldozing style

Winning the presidency didn’t change Donald Trump — and it’s increasingly clear that actually being president won’t change him either. Dramas roiling the president-elect’s transition process in recent days show him to be the same, mercurial, sometimes thin-skinned, gregarious, truth-challenged, media taunting and unpredictable figure who won a stunning election upset. From the outside, the […]