US elections : What if ?

By: Michael Walsh Driving across the country last week, it seemed hard to believe an American presidential election is happening a week from Tuesday. Few campaign signs sprout from urban lawns; partisan billboards along the highways are scarce. Away from the coasts, the talk on the radio is largely of football and Jesus, not politics. […]

Opinion: Time for FBI chief Comey to resign

By Paul Callan Donald Trump’s oft-repeated claim that the FBI’s investigation of “Crooked Hillary” and the presidential election itself were and are “rigged,” seems to have thrown FBI Director James Comey into a state of panic. In foolishly making a public announcement that the bureau is reviewing newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton’s personal […]

Time for U.S. action in Syria

By John Allen and Charles R. Lister For 5½ years, the Syrian government has tortured, shot, bombed and gassed its own people with impunity, with the resulting human cost clear for all to see: nearly 500,000 dead and 11 million displaced. Since Russia’s military intervention began one year ago, conditions have worsened, with more than […]

Don’t insult gorillas by comparing them to Donald Trump

By: Ros Coward I was already feeling sorry for gorillas before London zoo’s Kumbuka made his unsuccessful bid for freedom. Their incarceration in zoos is bad enough, but this week I had begun to feel affronted on their behalf by the way gorillas are being casually used to justify aggressive human, usually male, behaviour. On […]

Putin’s Russia is the greatest threat to global security

By William B. Taylor While Russia is a declining power, for the next several years it will represent the greatest threat to global security. In the near term, President Vladimir Putin’s willingness to throw aside treaties, conventions, international law and standards of international behavior makes it imperative to contain and deter an aggressive Russian state — […]

Israel Braces for Obama’s Parting Gift to Palestinians

By Eli Lake When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected last year, the White House threatened to reconsider long-standing U.S. policy to veto U.N. Security Council resolutions on Israel’s presence in the West Bank. At issue was a last-minute interview in which Netanyahu said there would be no Palestinian state as long as he […]

Vladimir Putin is bringing back the 1930s

BY ; GEORGE F WILL Vladimir Putin’s serial humiliations of America’s bewildered secretary of state regarding Syria indicate Putin’s determination to destabilize the world. Here is an even more ominous indication of events moving his way: On just one day last week, Italian ships plucked 6,055 migrants from the Mediterranean. What has this to do with […]