Cyprus to help Lebanon build Mediterranean Sea rescue center

Cyprus’ Defense Ministry says the island nation will help Lebanon build a search-and-rescue center for responding to emergencies off its Mediterranean Sea coastline. A Defense Ministry statement says Cypriot officials will provide Lebanese authorities with training, technical know-how and financial assistance for the center. The statement says the center will help boost cooperation between the […]

Lebanese PM Hariri says Damascus wants him killed

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri charged that the Syrian regime which he blames for his father’s assassination also wants him killed, in an interview published Thursday in French magazine Paris Match. “I have a lot of enemies, extremists and the Syrian regime. The latter has issued a death sentence against me. They accuse me of […]

Lebanon is occupied and we are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage, Gemayel declares

MP Sami Gemayel who heads up the phalange party declared Wednesday that “Lebanon is occupied” and that the Lebanese “are living under Hezbollah’s tutelage.” “Stability should be accompanied by sovereignty, freedom and real democracy, and unfortunately they are asking us today to choose between freedom and stability in the vein of the Syrian era,” Gemayel […]

Aoun says Hariri will stay as Lebanon PM since “the crisis is behind us now”

President Michel Aoun stressed on Wednesday that Saad Hariri will stay the Prime Minister of Lebanon as he stressed that the political crisis that followed his resignation will be over within days. “Hariri will certainly stay the prime minister of Lebanon and the political crisis will be solved in a matter of days,” said Aoun […]

Several lawyers demand in a lawsuit the shutting down of an illegal anti-Saudi TV in Lebanon

Several Lebanse lawyers have filed a lawsuit with the Lebanese judiciary, demanding the shutdown of the Saudi opposition Nabaa satellite TV channel, which “broadcasts illegally from Beirut,” Lebanese media reports said. In the lawsuit, the lawyers called for “halting the illegal broadcasting of a channel that spreads sedition and lies, advocates terrorist militias, and harms […]

New focus on Syria and a new opportunity in Lebanon

By Raghida Dergham The journey of regional and international bargaining over the Middle East has kicked off with the emergence of realistic understandings in Syria, far removed from delusions of victory now that the country has been spared from total collapse. Lebanon has also received a fair share of renewed regional and international attention, on […]

Lebanese PM threatens to resign over Hezbollah influence

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Monday that he will resign if the Hezbollah militant group refuses to accept a new power-sharing arrangement for Lebanon, speaking as consultations got underway in Beirut between political leaders over the government’s future. Hariri made his threat in an interview with the French broadcaster CNews. The Iran-sponsored Hezbollah, which has […]

Hariri says Hezbollah must stop interfering in regional conflicts

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Monday that the political and militant group Hezbollah must stop interfering in regional conflicts and accept a neutral policy to bring an end to Lebanon’s political crisis. The Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which forms part of the Lebanese government, is fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria and in […]

LF won’t quit government, but urges Hezbollah’s withdrawal from regional conflicts

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea announced on Monday that the three Lebanese Forces ministers will not resign from Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government, but reiterated his call for Hezbollah’s “withdrawal from the regional conflicts.” “Some parties are trying to address the conflicts in a shallow manner and this is wrong, seeing as we all support […]