Lebanon seeks funds from more allies after Qatar’s $500 million

Lebanon is in talks with allies to secure financial backing that would help it manage one of the world’s biggest debt burdens after Qatar pledged to buy government bonds worth $500 million. The support could come in the form of deposits or a purchase of Lebanese Eurobonds at reduced interest rates, Nadim Munla, senior adviser […]

Hariri tells Jumblatt: We want to rescue the state

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday responded to Progressive Socialist Party leader  Walid Jumblatt’s criticism by  stressing that he aims at rescuing  the state from collapse by sending  the guardians of corruption to retirement “Certainly the state is not our property, but it also does not belong to any leader or party. Our project is clear and aims to rescue the […]

Hezbollah chief denies his party controls the Lebanese government. Calls for calm

In a televised speech today Hezbollah chief Hassan  Nasrallah denied that  his party  controls the new Lebanese government. “The government is the government of all those taking part in it.” He said. “Saying that the government is Hezbollah’s government is a wrong description. Ethically, this is a lie and the right description is that this […]

Is Hezbollah’s No.2 trying to challenge Israel to attack Lebanon?

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary-general challenged  Israel  in an interview on Lebanese TV on Sunday  by saying it is not  ready for a confrontation with Lebanon . Naim Qassem  who is known as No 2 ( No. 1 being Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah )  said that “Lebanon’s new government is a unity government,” and that only 3 of its government ministers are members […]

New Lebanese government to prepare statement on policy goals

Lebanon’s new government will start preparing its policy statement on Monday, it said on Saturday, as investors monitor commitment to reforms aimed at boosting the economy. The policy statement may provide an early clue as to whether the coalition government can agree on the “bold reforms” that Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri has said are needed. […]

US warns of ‘significant problems’ if Hezbollah channels funds through Cabinet

The U.S would have “significant problems” with Hezbollah using ministerial portfolios to funnel funds in support of its “terrorist agenda,”  a senior U.S government official said Thursday during a roundtable interview in Beirut. Marshall Billingslea, who is currently serving as the Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing in the U.S Department of the Treasury, said that his […]

Lebanon finally forms a cabinet

Lebanon announced the formation of a government on Thursday ending over eight months of wrangling amid heightened fears of a major economic collapse. The Western-backed Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri now faces a big challenge in delivering the reforms needed to address dire public finances and unlock billions of dollars in pledged aid and loans to […]

Qatar pledged to invest $500 million in Lebanese bonds after Moody’s downgraded ratings

BEIRUT. Lebanon  – A report by Moody’s Investors Service that downgraded the country’s long-term investment ratings reflects the urgent need for quickly forming a new government, implementing reforms and reducing budget deficit, Lebanon’s finance minister and experts said Tuesday. The statement by Ali Hassan Khalil, in which he assured that Lebanon’s financial and monetary conditions are […]

Lebanon urges Arab League to readmit Syria ahead of regional summit

Lebanon’s acting foreign minister called for the Arab League to readmit Syria ahead of a regional economic summit to be held in Beirut on Sunday, more than seven years after it suspended Damascus’ membership. The Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, or AESD, is being held in Lebanon for the first time amid sharp divisions […]

Qatar ruler will attend Beirut’s Arab economic summit but Lebanon Speaker will boycott it

Qatar’s emir will visit Beirut on Sunday for an Arab economic summit which has been marred by regional rifts and internal Lebanese disputes even before it began. Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s office said on Saturday Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had informed it he would come to lead the Qatari delegation. Rifts among Arab […]