Hezbollah is all set to make Syria it’s second home

By Manish Rai Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, who is also a key Damascus ally, said in his recent speech that his group will keep its military presence in Syria until further notice. Nasrallah quoted that Hezbollah’s presence is linked to “The needs and approval” of the Syrian government. He further added […]

Hezbollah praises Aoun’s defense over its role in Lebanon

Hezbollah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem ,  usually referred to as number 2 said that an interview Aoun had given to French daily Le Figaro, which was published Monday, reflected “honorable” and “responsible” positions held by the president. “President Michel Aoun is the [main] guarantor of Lebanon’s stability, and he is the one whose record […]

Aoun slams Netanyahu’s allegation over missile plants as baseless and warns” We will fight back”

Lebanon President Michel Aoun  slammed  on Tuesday as “baseless” the allegations of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu about missile sites near Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport “Allegations of Netanyahu about military bases around the airport’s vicinity are baseless and conceal an Israeli threat to Lebanese sovereignty,” said Aoun. Aoun stressed   that Lebanon will fight back shall […]

Netanyahu claims that Bassil’s tour missed the Hezbollah precision missile plant

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Hezbollah of “blatantly lying to the international community with a false, propaganda tour by the means of Lebanon’s foreign minister.” Referring to the tour of the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Ahed sport club which Bassil organized for the foreign ambassadors in Lebanon, Netanyahu said Bassil “took ambassadors to the football […]

Hundreds of Syrian refugees return home from Lebanon

BEIRUT- Hundreds of Syrian refugees gathered Monday morning to return to their homeland from Lebanon, local media reported. “Syrian families gathered on the Aboudiya crossing border whereby Lebanon’s General Security took the necessary measures to secure their voluntary return to Syria,” according to the National News Agency (NNA). NNA reported that Syrian families thanked the […]

Lebanon FM accuses Israel PM of fabricating lies about missiles to” justify another aggression”

Lebanon’s foreign minister said on Monday that Israel was seeking to “justify another aggression” with false allegations of missile sites near Beirut airport belonging to Iran-backed Hezbollah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at the United Nations last week, identified three locations near the airport where he said Lebanon’s Hezbollah was converting “inaccurate projectiles” into precision-guided […]

Yemen urges Lebanon to end Hezbollah’s support to Houthi rebels

Yemen’s Infomation Minister called on the Lebanese government to stop Hezbollah’s support of Houthi rebels, insisting the group’s activity will prolong Yemen’s war. On Sunday evening, Moammar Eryani said that Hezbollah is providing the Houthis with logistical and military assistance, turning the Beirut’s southern suburbs — known collectively as Dahiyah — into the location for […]

Lebanese wary of Aoun’s defence of Hezbollah

The detractors cannot believe how Aoun insists that Hezbollah was respectful of the decisions and positions made by the government. Declarations by Lebanese President Michel Aoun to the French daily Le Figaro reaffirmed his strategic choices, which have remained static since his 2006 agreement with Hezbollah known as “the Agreement Paper.” The statements confirm accusations […]

The Taif accord: An unwelcome check on Aoun’s ambitions

The essence of the disagreement goes beyond  Jumblatt and cuts directly to Aoun’s relationship with the Lebanese political establishment. The future of Lebanon’s struggling economy, rests not so much on PM Hariri’s ability to form a cabinet as on Aoun’s acceptance of the limits of the presidency as stipulated in the Taif Accord. By Makram Rabah […]