Nasrallah denies Hezbollah seeking to eliminate , says ‘Israel not ready for war ‘

Hezbollah chief  Hassan Nasrallah on Friday denied  his party is seeking to eliminate others in Lebanon despite its “victory” in the region. In a televised speech marking the end of the 2006 war with Israel, he said :  “We do not want to eliminate anyone and let no one blow disputes out of proportion. These […]

Aoun relocates to summer presidential residence in Beiteddine

President Michel Aoun relocated  to the summer presidential residence in Beiteddine in the Chouf district of Mt Lebanon  on Friday where a delegation of the Progressive Socialist Party is expected to  welcome , the National News Agency reported. NNA said the PSP delegation comprised of PSP officials, lawmakers, religious figures, mayors and head of municipal unions are […]

Lebanese civil war-era leaders, remain relevant outmanoeuvred Hezbollah

Three figures from Lebanon’s civil war are proving indispensable in bringing about a fragile stability after the country recently endured one of its deepest political crises. The three, in different ways, outmanoeuvred the vastly more powerful Hezbollah movement. They stuck to nonviolence and called what proved to be a political bluff by Hezbollah, which is […]

US is tackling one of the world’s most dangerous border disputes

AS THE Trump administration presses Arab countries to sign off on President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian “deal of the century” amid growing Arab polarization and vocal pessimism, little attention has been given to another sensitive regional matter that the administration has been aptly and quietly tackling. This matter revolves around the demarcation of the Lebanon-Israel maritime […]

Lebanon-based companies illegally transporting Iranian oil to Syria , report

Tracking data and business records indicate a pair of shadowy Lebanon-based companies own and operate tankers illicitly transporting Iranian oil in the eastern Mediterranean. While there is no direct indication on the accounts, an analysis of one of companies involved suggests the man running the operation may be a prominent Syrian businessman sanctioned by the […]

Experts urge gov’t to save Lebanon from economic deterioration

Lebanese experts have urged the government to take measures to save the country from economic deterioration though they are optimistic about the positive market reaction to the reconciliation among different parties over June 30 Aley shooting. “We have witnessed a positive signal in the market following the reconciliation as the price of Lebanon’s sovereign eurobonds […]

The US keenness on boosting Lebanon’s stability and security helped in containing the crisis

By  Nazeer Rida After years of refraining from directly meddling in Lebanese developments, the United States intervened directly on Wednesday to warn against any security deterioration in the country in wake of heightened tensions sparked by an armed clash on June 30. In an unprecedented statement, the US embassy said Washington “supports fair and transparent judicial […]

Lebanon’s Salameh gets another “A” as best-ranked central bank governors in the world

BEIRUT, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) — Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh was named by U.S.-based Global Finance magazine as one of the world’s best central bank governors for the fourth time, a statement by the central bank reported on Friday. “The Governor of the Central Bank Riad Salameh was awarded the ‘A’ rank among 94 […]

Lebanon cabinet to meet Saturday. Jumblatt-Arslan reconciliation ends crisis for now

Lebanon’s cabinet will meet for the first time in weeks on Saturday, Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Friday, after rival Druze politicians reconciled to end a crisis that has paralysed the government. Lebanese dollar-demominated bonds rallied earlier on Friday on the news that the country’s leaders would meet with Druze politicians Walid Jumblatt and […]