‘Lebanon can’t be ruled by a political militia mentality’: Cardinal Rai

Lebanon’s top Christian spiritual leader Cardinal  Patriarch Beshara al-Rai said the country could not be ruled by the mentality of political militia, highlighting the necessity to  educate the new generations so that they develop a different outlook,  National News Agency reported on Monday. “Now that most of the military militias have ended, it is unacceptable that Lebanon be […]

Lebanon minister accuses Hezbollah, FPM of obstructing the return of Syrian refugees

Lebanese allies of the Syrian regime are hampering the return of refugees to Syria, caretaker Minister of State for Refugee Affairs Mouin Merehbi says. Speaking in a recent interview with The Daily Star from his office in Downtown Beirut, Merehbi charged that the committees recently formed by Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement in Lebanon […]

Jumblatt accuses Iran of obstructing Govt. formation. Warns of economic disaster

Progressive Socialist Party leader, former MP Walid Jumblatt held Hezbollah and Iran responsible for the government formation delay by “inventing” the so-called Sunni obstacle,”  warned that if the  current crisis continue, “it will lead to an economic disaster and the deterioration of the Lebanese lira because it is not simple that the debt of a small […]

Hezbollah backed Sunni MPs meet at Lebanon’s Dar al-Fatwa amid cabinet deadlock

Meetings held at the Dar al-Fatwa in Beirut Thursday were the only development linked to Lebanon’s cabinet formation process. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian received a delegation of Hezbollah backed  Sunni deputies including Abdel Rahim Mrad, Qassem Hashem, Adnan Trabelsi and al-Walid Sukkarieh. The deputies are demanding a representation in the next cabinet, a request […]

Hezbollah continues to block formation of new Lebanon cabinet

The Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah will not give way in a dispute over Sunni Muslim representation in a new unity government, the pro-Hezbollah al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Wednesday, signaling no quick end to the standoff. Separately, a senior political source close to Hezbollah told Reuters it was up to President Michel Aoun, a Maronite […]

Aoun accuses Israel of continuous violations of Lebanon airspace

Lebanese President Michel Aoun Monday said that Lebanon is keen on preserving its security and stability facing terrorism, Lebanon’s presidency website reported. “We should always be alert to protect our security and stability,” said Aoun, adding that Britain has been a great support for Lebanon in its war against terrorism and silent terrorist cell. Aoun’s […]

Hezbollah continues to block formation of new cabinet

Negotiations over formation of  a new cabinet have ground to a halt as a dispute over the representation of pro-Hezbollah Sunni MPs continues to grow according to  Sunday media reports . “The setback that stopped the formation drive does not seem to be on the verge of any solution in the near future, at least not before the return of […]

Saudi envoy thanks Lebanese officials for condemning Ayyoub’s article

Saudi Charge d’Affaires in Lebanon  on Friday hailed Lebanese officials, journalists, opinion leaders and citizens for condemning an editorial in ad-Diyar newspaper that carried insults against him and against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Lebanese people “are the people of the kingdom and its friends,” Walid Bukhari told a delegation comprising civil society groups, […]