At least 60 killed in suspected massacre in Syria

At least 60 charred bodies were found Thursday in a suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus in what activists described as another massacre committed by government forces. The bodies, all with their hands tied behind their backs

Former pro-Syrian minister, MP arrested in Lebanon, updates

Former Lebanese MP and Information Minister Michel Samaha was detained by Lebanese Internal Security Forces Intelligence Branch for interrogation on Thursday over a “sensitive” security-related matter, his wife and media reports said today. Security Forces reportedly raided his residences in Ashrafieh, Beirut, and Jwar al-Khenshara

Syrian PM Riyad Hijab: Was he fired or did he defect? updates

Syria’s prime minister Riyad Hijab has been sacked, state television reported on Monday, as government forces appeared to prepare a ground assault to clear battered rebels from Aleppo, the country’s biggest city. But Al-Jazeera reported that Syrian Prime Minister Hijab has defected to Jordan.