Moroccan-French writer Leïla Slimani wins Goncourt, France’s top literary prize

Moroccan-born Leila Slimani won France’s top literary prize, the Goncourt, on Thursday with a novel guaranteed to “scare the wits out of parents”. The chilling tale of a “perfect” nanny who murders the two children she is looking after, “Chanson douce” (roughly translated as “Sweet Song”) is based on the real-life story of a Dominican […]

Shrine to Jesus in Israel ‘robbed and vandalised’

Jerusalem – A church in Israel built where Christians believe the transfiguration of Jesus took place has been vandalised, with chalices stolen, icons damaged and a donation box robbed, an official said Tuesday. Church officials believe the motive for Monday’s incident was robbery and not Jewish extremism, which has been blamed for previous vandalism at […]

Canada wants America to know it’s still great

By Colby Itkowitz Oh, Canada. You’re making us blush. Our ever-friendly neighbors to the north have watched from afar a U.S. election cycle that has broken all norms for civility. It’s created tremendous stress and surfaced deep tensions within our society. For many, it’s been disheartening and demoralizing to watch. But Canadians are here to […]

Hot dogs ‘must be renamed’ in Malaysia or risk being refused ‘Halal’ certification

Food outlets selling hot dogs in Malaysia have been asked to rename their products or risk being refused halal certification. The Malaysian Islamic Development Department, a religious government body, said it adopted the ruling after complaints from Muslim tourists. Director Sirajuddin Suhaimee said the name might cause “confusion”. “In Islam, dogs are considered unclean and […]

Shiite Muslims celebrate Ashura with self flagellation

HORRIFYING images of Shiite Muslims whipping themselves with chains and blades in a new year ritual have emerged. By KATIE MANSFIELD The blood-soaked ceremony, which is part of the Ashura commemorations, sees hundreds take part in self-flagellation. The shocking images show young men taking knives to their heads and bodies in brutal acts of self-harm. […]

George and Amal Clooney’s love story in words

It was the surprise announcement of the year when George Clooney, known as one of Hollywood’s most dedicated bachelors, said he was finally ready to settle down. The lucky lady? Gorgeous and talented international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. The unbelievably attractive pair married in Venice on September 27, 2014, and to celebrate their anniversary, […]