AT&T agreed to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion

AT&T said Saturday it had agreed to a blockbuster $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner, a move that would turn America’s most storied telecom company into one of the most prominent TV, film and video-game producers in the world. The deal casts a spotlight on a defining movement for the giants of modern tech: Their accelerating conquest of media in […]

US lifts import limits on Cuban cigars, alcohol

For decades, Cuban cigars have been famous in the US for their intense, earthy flavor and near-unattainability. The US embargo against Cuba prevented Americans from bringing home Cuban cigars, even if they were purchased in third countries. Two years ago the limit was eased, but travelers could still bring home only $100 worth. Perhaps suspecting […]

The British Pound plummets against Dollar in chaotic trading

Hong Kong- The British pound tumbled dramatically in chaotic trading that included a flash drop in early Asian hours and sustained falls in London. Late morning in Britain, it was down 3% against the U.S. dollar. The sharp drop in Asia came amid worries about the U.K.’s exit from the European Union that were accelerated […]

Merkel wants Germany to get refugees into workforce faster

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that Germany needed “viable solutions” to integrate refugees into the workforce faster after she met with blue-chip companies, which have hired fewer than 100 refugees since around a million arrived in the country last year. Merkel, fighting for her political life over her open-door policy, summoned the bosses of […]

US economy could lose up to 5 % if Trump is elected , report

A win for U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump could have grave implications for the world’s largest economy, according to Oxford Economics. If Trump were able to implement all of his proposed policies, that would undermine global economic growth and knock 5 percent off U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), U.K.-based economists Jamie Thompson and Sarah Maxwell […]

OPEC to Trump adviser: No Chance

By Julian Lee Energy adviser to Donald Trump, CEO of Continental Resources, Harold Hamm has history with OPEC . Back in 1999, he led a group of independent U.S. oil producers calling on the government to impose duties of as much as 240 percent on crude oil imports from a number of OPEC countries, and […]