Venezuelan vote: Maduro set to run for re-election in 2018, despite the economic crisis

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro looked sure to stand for re-election in a presidential vote due by the end of April where the ruling Socialists hope to trump a squabbling opposition despite an economic crisis and foreign sanctions.  The unpopular leader, whom foes decry as a dictator who has wrecked the OPEC member’s economy, said he […]

US Attorney General Sessions grilled for hours by Mueller’s team over Russia probe

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for hours last week in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the Justice Department confirmed Tuesday. The interview comes as Mueller is investigating whether President Donald Trump’s actions in office, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey, constitute efforts to obstruct an FBI probe into contacts between his […]

Putin has something bad on Trump, ” claims Joe Scarborough of MSNBC

BY JOHN HALTIWANGER Joe Scarborough of MSNBC claimed Friday that President Donald Trump was attempting to create perpetual scandal in order to desensitize the public so that it becomes indifferent to whatever Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly has on him. Scarborough said the current scandal regarding Trump’s supposed relations with porn star Stormy Daniels is […]

Russia ‘ultimately bears responsibility’ for chemical attacks in Syria: Tillerson

In the aftermath of another “apparent chlorine gas attack” by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blasted the Assad regime for its “crimes against humanity” but also laid some of the blame on Russia. “Whoever conducted the attacks, Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in east Ghouta and […]

Turkey hands over suspect in Sidon attack to Lebanon

Turkey has handed a suspect in last week’s bomb attack — which targeted a leading Hamas member in the Lebanese city of Sidon — over to Lebanon, the Lebanese authorities announced Tuesday. “The intelligence branch of Lebanon’s Internal Security Agency has received Ahmed Bitiyya, a suspect in last week’s assassination attempt on Hamas member Mohamed […]

It is official. Lebanon elections will be held in May

It is official. The elections in Lebanon will be held in May this year . President Michel Aoun on Monday signed the decree for the parliamentary elections. They will be the country’s first in nine years. Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq also signed the decree. According to the  decree  the date […]

US lawmakers reach deal to end government shutdown

Democrats lined up behind a plan to reopen the federal government Monday as the Senate began a key vote. Senators predicted a proposal to fund the government until Feb. 8 would move forward, overcoming a Democratic filibuster and clearing the way for an end to the three-day shutdown. Democrats climbed onboard after two days of […]

Lebanon Deputy PM:”We count on Saudi Arabia’s support…It always supported Lebanon

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Lebanese politics — notably its political crisis of November 2017 — is simply a matter of “relationship ups and downs,” Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani said at the World Economic Forum on Monday. Speaking to CNBC in Davos, Switzerland, the deputy leader had far more positive things to say about […]