Lebanon hit by largest hack in its history


Several Lebanese government and private institutions  including security agencies have reportedly been subjected hacking . The   hackers  have reportedly been stealing and selling “data” to third parties. The  Intelligence Branch of the Internal Security Forces opened  a “confidential” investigation into the matter , al-Akhbar daily reported on Friday.

The operation, described as the “largest hacking operation in Lebanon’s history” was first uncovered two week ago, according to the daily.

ISF launched expanded investigations arresting several Lebanese individuals involved in the operation which aimed at stealing data and information from private firms, State institutions and most dangerously from security agencies, it added.

Security and judicial sources allegedly refuse to reveal details about the case,

“The extent of the damage is still unknown,” officials told al-Akhbar.

The hack was discovered by a Lebanese internet service provider, which turned to authorities after its systems were hacked. The country’s Internal Security Forces were able to identity the alleged hacker, who was arrested alongside another suspect. The investigation has since led to multiple additional suspects, including someone al-Akhbar described as a relative of a well-known business figure.

The names of the suspects have not been released, and many details are being withheld from the public as the investigation continues, Lebanese media reported.