Hezbollah thugs blamed for attacking Lebanese election candidate

A candidate in Lebanon’s May 6 parliamentary election was treated in hospital on Sunday after  he was  reportedly  attacked by “thugs” belonging to Hezbollah.

Ali Al Amin, who is running for a Shiite seat in southern Lebanon, said he was attacked while putting up campaign posters in his home village of Shaqra, near the city of Bint Jbeil.

Hezbollah is the dominant political force in southern Lebanon and, in an alliance with the Amal party, swept all the Shiite seats in the area in the last parliamentary election in 2009. Lebanon’s parliamentary seats are apportioned according to sect.

ali al amine
Ali Al Amine is a candidate for the May 6 elections in Lebanon in the 3rd southern district (South Lebanon. III- Nabatiyah, Bint Jbeil and Marjeyoun-Hasbaya). He was attacked in his home village of Chaqra which is north of Bint Jbeil and west of the Israeli border. He was apparently attacked by dozens (reports say 40) while hanging banners for his campaign. He was taken to Tibnin hospital. He claimed that the assault was carried out by Hezbollah activists. “My whole body has been hit by a bunch of thugs, and this is what I put on the face of the president and the election watchdog,” he said.

Mr Al Amin is journalist who runs the janoubia.com website and is an outspoken critic of Hezbollah.

He described the attack in a video posted on his Facebook page on Sunday afternoon, saying said he was set upon by a group of more than 30 “Hezbollah thugs” who left him with a broken tooth.

Imad Koumayha, another candidate from Mr Al Amin’s list, called on Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the General Security Directorate to investigate the attack.

“We want justice,” Mr Koumayha, who was at the hospital with Mr Al Amin, told The National.

Hezbollah “does not accept other political opinions”, he said.

Last month, an election candidate in the city of Baalbek, in eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, accused Hezbollah of framing him on drug charges and shooting at his driver. The candidate, Abbas Al Jawhari, has since withdrawn from the race.

Mr Al Amin insisted he would stay in the election.

Al-Amine’s electoral list, ‘Shbaana Haki’ (Enough With Talking), which is comprised of independent Shiite figures and a Lebanese Forces candidate, slammed the incident as a “blatant and demeaning attack.”

“This reflects the confusion of the de facto forces and their rejection of any change in their regions,” the alliance said.

“This incident won’t affect us, we’re still going to run. But we want the world to see what kind of elections will be held under Hezbollah,” Mr Koumayha,  told Agence France-Presse.

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  • Rascal

    Hezbollah really hate free and fair elections. So far they have not assassinated anyone…yet, just the usual thugs from their SA brown-shirts.
    They would prefer the Iranian style elections where the winner is pre-decided by a counsel of turban-head sharia dinosaurs.

    • Niemals

      When the haters stop hating? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7ffe003d854f02c47b42d792c9aa171260054d2787a8c8b73c1e723c767fc189.jpg

      Religious fanatics are the core of all conflicts and wars.

      Now we have reached the bottom level – the cold war is back.

      Guterres in Sweden:
      Naive to believe that the UN can solve the Syrian conflict.

      I say it’s naive to believe that the UN can solve any conflict.

    • Danny Farah

      But Omega wants proof.. This is all fake news to him because Hezbollah are nothing but sweet angels. Of course this is the Iranian style type mafia control. If they can’t win it, then they resort to violence. We think that Hezbollah is protecting Lebanon or looking after our interest. Do they ever sing Kulna lil watan.. Hell no.. they sing to fatimah and queen latifah but not the Lebanese national Anthem because to them Lebanon is part of Iran and right now all these mini agreements between them and AL Tayar Al watani AL Kirr and others are just to get what they want. They are already establishing Waliet al Faqih in their own area and when the time is ripe, they will take Lebanon by force.

      • Niemals

        Omega wants forensic evidence proof….

    • Y K

      Well, at least they didn’t kill him. Which is a sure sign that Hezbollah is becoming more moderate. 🙂

  • vs


  • man-o-war

    Guy was attacked by “30 thugs” who were assumed to be part of Hezbollah and all he got was a chipped toof? What a bunch of “hezbollah” pussies.

  • Steve Harvey

    Hezbollah thugs at it again. They killed Hariri and bombed BLOM bank. Intimidating candidates isn’t surprising.

    • Omega

      Hezbollah had nothing to do with the killing of Hariri. It’s old news for any semi-intelligent person. You’re obviously don’t qualify as such.

      • Steve Harvey

        I guess Hezbollah’s suicide bombings, airline hijackings, kidnappings, money laundering and illicit drug trafficking activities are all lies too. Hezbollah may be heroes at home, but they are terrorists to the West. I for one am glad to see Karma catching up with Hezbollah terrorists (1800+ KIA and 8000+ WIA in Syria). Badreddine, Jihad Mughniyeh, Samir Kuntar and 70 something Hezbollah terrorist commanders are burning in Hell alongside al-Musawi, Imad Mughniyeh, Khomeini and Rafsanjani.

        • Omega

          Stay on point ibn Homsi.

          Hezbollah had nothing to do with the killing of Hariri Rafik Hariri. As I said, any semi-intelligent person (you obviously don’t quality as such) would have learned the facts by now (13 years later).

          • Steve Harvey

            I guess those Hezbollah terrorists indicted by the UN are figments of my imagination. They have all been killed off by Nasrallah (including Baddredine). Explain that Sherlock!

          • Omega

            Indicted in abstentia and based on circumstantial evidence which was based on a flawed premise.

            Let me know when you want to discuss the corrupt prosecutors, the witnesses who admitted to perjury, the shifting evidence, etc haboob.

          • Steve Harvey

            How do you explain Assad threatening Rafic Hariri ,”I will break Lebanon over your head”. No connection to Hariri’s anti-Syria policies and subsequent assassination? Hardly.

          • Omega

            Don’t be silly. Even you, an ardent bent over to the Anglo-Americans know that it doesn’t hold a single drop of water.

          • Steve Harvey

            BTW — Indicted not indicated.

          • Omega

            Typo. Edited.

    • Niemals

      Intimidating candidates in the Muslim world is a standard and well known method. ????

  • vs

    Elections in Lebanon: Lebanon going to be new Gaza with HA as Hamas dominancy