Friends, relatives of the 17,000 missing since the Lebanese civil war threaten to boycott polls

missing 17 0000 lebaneseFriends and relatives of  the 17,000 people who went missing during Lebanon’s civil war (1975-1990) are calling for a boycott of upcoming parliamentary polls unless candidates first pledge to adopt legislation aimed at finding their lost loved ones.

Dozens of people staged a march in Beirut on Friday, which marked the 43rd anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war.

Demonstrators demanded the adoption of legislation aimed at determining the fates of the  people who went missing during the destructive conflict.

Wedad Helwani, who heads a popular committee for the families of the “disappeared”, urged her compatriots to “refrain from voting for any candidate unless they first sign a petition demanding such legislation”.

She went on to criticize successive Lebanese governments for their silence over the missing persons.

During Friday’s demonstration in Beirut, two lawmakers and seven parliamentary candidates signed the petition.

Portraits of some of the missing Lebanese are displayed during a protest by their relatives and friends
Portraits of some of the missing Lebanese are displayed during a protest by their relatives and friends

For over 20 years, hundreds of   Lebanese and Palestinian, Muslim and Christian families have demanded authorities to reveal the fate of the  thousands of political prisoners believed to have disappeared at the hands of Syrian troops who entered Lebanon shortly after the outbreak of the  civil war.

Successive Lebanese governments have made apparent attempts to address the issue, even including it in cabinet programs.

Rights groups say thousands of men, women and children disappeared at the hands of Hafez Assad, Bashar’s predecessor and late father, during the civil war, a spiraling bloodbath which tore Lebanon apart on confessional lines.

Syria withdrew from its smaller neighbor in 2005 under massive international pressure following the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri.

The Syrian regime  has long denied holding any prisoners of conscience, but on four different occasions between 1976 and 2000 has released some Lebanese who had been held in Syrian prisons.

While Syria declared it no longer had any Lebanese detainees after the prisoner release in 2000, Foreign Minister Walid Muallem made a statement to the contrary during a fence-mending trip to Lebanon in 2008.

“Those who have waited more than 30 years since the start of the (Lebanese) civil war can wait another few weeks,” Muallem said at the time.



  • Danny Farah

    Of course Hezbollah dared a war in 2006 to rescue a Criminal like Samir Quntar from Israeli jails but never never asked Syrian dictator to free any Lebanese. So much about the so called resistance.
    God help these poor souls who have been waiting for their loved ones for decades but no lebanese dared asked Bashar the Animal where are our beloved Lebanese. But they are all so quick to condemn the US attack against Bashar. How cowardly of you jackasses.

    • Rascal

      Israel may have occupied a small area of Lebanon for awhile, but never did near the destruction that the Syrian occupation did to Lebanon. And many parts of the Hezbollah aligned movements still support close relations with bloody Assad. Shame. Hezbollah (Iranian occupation) will be the death of Lebanon.

      • Andres Abraham

        small area!?!?!? israel occupied half of lebanon in the 80s and destroyend all of it.

        then in 2006 again.

        and hezbollah is dearth and glory of lebanon, unfortunately

        • Omega

          Don’t mind him. He’s clueless.

          • Stanley Smith

            Omega, Omega, Omega. Can we agree that all forgein intervention in Lebanon were aimed at weakening the country? Be it Israel or Syria!

            While a significant amount of Hizbullah supporters are Lebanese, no doubt about it, they follow a political agenda that believes in the expansion of Iran’s Influence in the region. Is that any different than what we’ve experience in the past with forgein meddling in Lebanese affairs?

            We should have learned from our past so that our up and coming generations have a better future. Enough said!

          • Omega

            I can’t agree with incorrect information. It was not to weaken Lebanon and it’s quite different than with Iran.
            Neither Israel nor Syria’s occupation of Lebanon was meant to weaken Lebanon (who didn’t have a centralized power). Kissinger’s policies were destined to split Lebanon in half between Syria (to make up for the Golan Heights Israel has illegally occupied since 1967) and Israel (who desperately needs Lebanon’s natural fresh water supply (something Israel’s creators have eyed since 1919)).
            Without Iran and Hezbollah, the south of the Lebanon (up to the Litani) would be occupied by Israel like the Golan Heights is. For that alone, I am thankful. Had it not been for Iran/Hezbollah, I would not have been able to take my family for lunch in the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre this past weekend. Enough said?

          • Stanley Smith

            Splitting Lebanon requires weakening the Lebanese, correct? We are in essence saying the same thing with a different twist. The sad part about it is that we still fall for it. Why can’t we all agree that Lebanon should be first and foremost? All militias have seized to exist and the day will come when Hizbullah will become a big part of Lebanon ‘s democratic advancement. Until then, best wishes! Long live Lebanon!

          • Omega

            I don’t mean to be nitpicking but foreign interventions to weaken Lebanon while leaving it as one is different than weakening in the aim of spliting it (between Syria and lsrael in this case).

            I can agree that we still fall for it but we also came along way. Especially after militia leaders realized they were being thrown at each other like gladiators by foreigners. The result of which was a series of assassinations to replace them with followers who would have continued the bloodshed. Despite the many recent attempts at destabilizing us (which, yes, lead to some local unrest), we remained put and will not fall for another foreign poisoning. We don’t want another civil war.

            I agree that Lebanon must be first and foremost. Wishing you the same best wishes. Long live Lebanon.

          • vs

            shure OmegaHell infosharmuta has clue in every thing
            You are fake from top to bottom, OmegaHell

          • Hind Abyad

            Stanley Smith Follow
            Comments 1
            ——————-Omega Omega Omega
            “(..)..than what we’ve experience in the past with forgein meddling in Lebanese affairs?

            We should have learned from our past so that our up and coming generations have a better future. Enough said!”
            1 Guest (Matrix) like. Crazy place

          • Omega

            Crazy indeed. He approached me as if he knew me and/or had written to me before. I wonder what his other username(s) is/are. And not too original with the name (Stanley Smith).

          • Stanley Smith

            And Omega is original? I should state that I know of one Omega, and He’s the one that refers to Himself as the Alpha and Omega… God bless you!

          • Omega

            I am certainly not that Omega nor was my username inspired by it.

            In the light of past trolling accounts here in YaLibnan, I hope you can understand the suspicion.

          • Stanley Smith

            You definitely aren’t, but you’ll get to meet Him one day. In any case, best to you and yours!

          • Omega

            Never said I am. You made the analogy. Likewise, best to you and yours.

            (Thinking out loud): you remind me of “Sex & Chocolate” (the username of a someone who posted here).

          • Hind Abyad
          • Hind Abyad

            Bye.. you’re not a Zionist 😉

          • Hind Abyad

            Stanley is Jewish name not original

          • Stanley Smith

            Stanley is a name. Neither Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

          • Hind Abyad

            How come you can just tell a person who is Jewish by their last name?
            Sometimes even their first name. Stanley, Melvin, Marvin, Jeffrey, Howard, Harold, Joseph, Jacob, David popular male Jewish names.

          • Omega

            It’s actually Anglo-German.

            Stan is stone. Ley is wood.

          • Stanley Smith

            Glad you can use Google!!

          • Omega

            I didn’t. I remember reading its provenance in a book many years ago. “Stone from the woods” or something in that line.

      • Omega

        The crap you write is beyond belief. Learn to stay silent when you don’t have a clue (which happens 99.9% of the time).

        “Israel may have occupied a small area of Lebanon for awhile, but never did near the destruction that the Syrian occupation did to Lebanon.

        Aside from the decade-long bombing of the south of Lebanon by Israel (supported by the US) prior to the illegal invasion/occupation, the “awhile” was nearly two decades and as Andres below stated, half of Lebanon was occupied. Thanks to Hezbollah, the Zionist vermin were kicked out. Israeli military officials called it a “humiliating” defeat.

        Syria’s presence in Lebanon was the work of Kissinger’s policies.

        • Hind Abyad

          This place is nonsense..

    • Omega

      I don’t understand why you insist on repeating nonsense despite having been corrected many times. Hate Hezbollah all you want but don’t go on regurgitating nonsense.

      The war of 2006 was planned as early as January of the same year by Israel (under Ehud Olmert) with the support of the US (from Cyprus) and treacherous elements within the Lebanese government (Elias Murr).

      ”His [Ehud Olmert] leaked testimony to the Winograd Committee — investigating the government’s failures during the month-long attack — suggests that he had been preparing for such a war at least four months before the official casus belli: the capture by Hizbullah of two Israeli soldiers from a border post on 12 July 2006.

      Lebanon’s devastation was apparently designed to teach both Hizbullah and the country’s wider public a lesson.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Ehud Olmert, wasn’t he involved with Prince Folke Bernadotte assassination
        by the “Group Stern” … ?

        • Omega

          I don’t think Olmert was involved with the terrorist Lehi (who killed Bernadotte for working on peace between Israel and Palestine). Worth noting that Bernadotte had negotiated the release of 30K German camps prisoners (including around 500 Jews).

          When one realizes that Israel was created by western powers as a bridgehead in the Middle East and that it was the degenerate colonial Brits who trained the newly arrived Jews in Palestine to develop them into the monsters they became, it all adds up. Peace never was an option for the British Empire.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            In fact it was Ytzhak Shamir,
            anyway all prominent former Israeli Politicians were “Terrorists”
            James Forrestal (United States Secretary of Defense)
            throw out the window from is room in the
            US Marine Hospital top floor in Washington …
            Bernadotte and Forrestal “default” was to want to limit
            the Israel size…

        • Hind Abyad
      • Danny Farah

        Omega it was Nassrallah who was boasting about freeing Samir Quntar. It was Nassrallah who said had I known that this destruction and killings would take place, I would not have gotten into a war with Israel. It was Iran who wanted to try the new rockets against the Murkova tanks in 2006 because in 2005 Hezbollah attempted to destroy the tanks but they failed. so stop your whining and stop telling i don’t understand like I am a child or something. All the shit going on in Lebanon and SYria and you are still providing a cover for Hezbollah and Iran. I had enough of your bull shit.

        • Omega

          YaLibnan’s competent volunteers haven’t fixed the filter issue yet and thus, I must resort to a print-screen:

        • Hind Abyad

          ‘Israel Gives Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels (ISIS)
          Fighters near Golan Heights in Syria receive cash and humanitarian help’
          By Rory Jones in Tel Aviv, Noam Raydan in Beirut and Suha Ma’ayeh in Amman, Jordan

          June 18, 2017 3:17 p.m. ET
          Israel has been regularly supplying Syrian rebels near its border with cash as well as food, fuel and medical supplies for years, a secret engagement in the enemy country’s civil war aimed at carving out a buffer zone populated by friendly forces.

          The Israeli army is in regular communication with rebel groups and its assistance includes undisclosed payments to commanders that help pay salaries of fighters and buy ammunition and weapons, according to interviews with about half a dozen Syrian fighters. Israel has established…


    • Hind Abyad

      Lets all forget innocent victim without borders, Israel Zionist God of all Wars, Revolutions since the Middle Ages.