Pentagon accuses Russia of spreading lies after Syria Airstrikes. Trolls up 2000%

mattisThe Pentagon says a Russian “disinformation campaign” has already begun over the U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria.

Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Saturday that “there has been a 2,000 percent increase in Russian trolls in the past 24 hours.”

The U.S., Britain and France said they launched Saturday’s strike to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for a suspected chemical attack against civilians in the town of Douma outside Damascus. Opposition leaders and rescuers say more than 40 people, including many women and children, died in the suspected chemical attack.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the attack was an attempt to derail an investigation into a purported chemical attack. The Foreign Ministry says facts presented by Russian investigators indicated that the purported attack was a “premeditated and cynical sham.”



  • Danny Farah

    Well Russia, the chemical don’t drop from the skies on their own and the rebels do not possess any fighter jets. so either it’s you, Assad or Iran. you are no different than Daesh and by being quiet about the chemical weapons and your constant lies make you very distrustful and you do not seek peace. Stop playing the peacemaker you are not. If you are honest then get out of Syria and Ukraine and many other occupied territories. you are no different the Israelis and Iran who is been trying to change the maps of the middle east and kill their own people. Is there a limit to this madness? Since Assad is winning supposedly why is he bent on burning his own people? But I hear that the Rebels in Douma are tough to deal with and you figured that dousing them with Chemical weapons is going to make them flee or get killed. Unfortunately they didn’t and you failed in your mission as usual.
    Assad you are a piece of shit and low life just like your masters in Tehran.

    • vs

      Danny, leave alone Israelis

      • Danny Farah

        I will not since they pushed the PLO on US and left us with 500,000 palestinians. I will not since they continue to torture Innocent Palestinians and kick them out of their homes. I am not all against Israelis and I just wish they give the Palestinians their own area and do not deal with them if they want to. But give them their own area and get it over with. You want peace with Lebanon but you want to keep the Palestinians you kicked out of Israel. You want to occupy the Lebanese farms and you want us to leave you alone. once you leave the farms and take back majority of the Palestinians then I will leave you be. And as long as the Israeli gov’t acting like thugs then you are not going to be left alone. Kapish..

        • MaryTPresumptuous

          Hey Danny- “palestinians” have had several chances to say “yes” to having a country all their own within well-defined borders. And the unwillingness of the leaders of Arab nations, then Arafat and more recently Abbas, to say “yes” has resulted in the world as you currently know it. “Wasted opportunities” and “a bad idea, rejected by Arab leaders and still placating the poor” are the true epithets for Nasser’s Pan-Arabism, on which “palestinanism” is based.

          Hate thyself for your own and your countryman’s failures. Hating others for their success is very Russian. Of course, Nasser was a tool for the Russians and the Arab poor too ignorant to see that they were and are still being used by foreign pharaohs.

          • Omega

            Palestine and its inhabitants never had a chance. The ethnic cleansing of the land was planned since 1937 when the Zionists realized they would only get a small piece of the land. In 1948, the Zionists attacked/seized upwards of 600 Palestinian towns and villages prior to self-declaring independence. In 1967, more of their land was attacked/seized and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

            The many “peace-talks” (Camp David, Oslo, etc) cornered the Palestinians in a take it or leave it ambush.

            Besides, both the PLO and Hamas had recognized Israel for a Palestinian state along side.

          • vs

            OmegaHell fake infosharmuta. Id*ot consult in Hamas and HA about Israel recognition, infosharmuta. Ask yourself, are you recognizing Israel, id*ot infosharmuta

        • vs
  • Rascal

    “Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the attack was an attempt to derail an investigation into a purported chemical attack.”

    An investigation that Russia vetoed at the UN to stop investigations. Russian trolls may be up but Iranian trolls are very quiet, they must be waiting for the Supreme Grand Pooba to give the script for the proper response.

  • Niemals

    Putin was captured with his pants down, and that twice.????

    First he miscalculated Trump’s and Co. redines to punish Syria, then he miscalculated the willingness of the countries that would support his call for an emergency Security Council meeting to file a motion condemning the missile attack on Syria.
    Only two other countries backed its efforts though.

    The United Nations Security Council on Saturday rejected a Russian resolution to condemn Western strikes on Syria. ????

    BTW, what happened to Putin’s ‘invincible’ nuclear weapons?