New Zealand vlogger filmed his entire trip to Lebanon and it will amaze you

His most viewed video is titled “Lebanon Surprised Me”

By Razan Mneimneh
Lebanon, that tiny piece of land in the heart of the Middle East, is a pure haven of food and marvelous scenery.

More and more tourists are taking a leap of faith by traveling to the Middle East, which is often negatively portrayed in Western media.

Nick started this vlog by walking for over an hour until he reached Byblos, an area he said “feels like a European city mixed with a bit of Arab here and there.”

The footage shows banana plantations, a view overlooking the Mediterranean sea, and beautiful palm trees in every corner.
Lebanese hospitality at its finest

Throughout his journey, he ran into a group of Lebanese men, who waved at him and suggested he takes a seat at their picnic table.

The group of local men then generously offered him food and wine, all while saying life in Lebanon pretty much consists of these three things: beach, food, and drinks.
One particular foreigner named Nick, a followed New Zealander YouTube vlogger going under the username of “Indigo Traveller,” has documented his visit to Lebanon.

Ever since arriving to Beirut in February, Nick has released about 10 videos on YouTube, narrating his experiences all across the country.

Let’s see what Indigo Traveller had to say about his trip to Lebanon.

Walking back towards the souk, Nick commented on how underrated Lebanon is as a tourism spot and how extremely friendly its people are.
He described Lebanese food as “delicious”

As for Lebanese food, Nick dedicated a whole video to a Lebanese restaurant, trying out a typical mezzah with warak enab, fattoush, tabbouleh, and hummus.

He shared his dinner meal with his Airbnb host, Jimmy, in an authentic Lebanese restaurant called Al Kanater in Jbeil, where he said the food is incredible.
In a separate video, he shared the logistics of traveling to Lebanon, such as budgeting and accommodations. He also went to a supermarket and gave a total price breakdown of grocery items.

Nick also shared photos of his journey on his Instagram page, where he usually posts moments of his travels from all around the world.


  • Arzna

    Nick !
    You are amazing I I just came back from New Zealand and loved it too . You are amazing people and a great country . You people were so friendly too , I felt right at home in New Zealand . I am glad you enjoyed it in Lebanon. Great videos which I am circulating to my friends worldwide.

  • Danny Farah

    Thanks Nick! We appreciate it your time and efforts and to visit Lebanon and make a nice video. Hope you come back again and bring more people with you and be safe. God bless..

  • Y K

    “More and more tourists are taking a leap of faith by traveling to the
    Middle East, which is often negatively portrayed in Western media.”

    This statement is so boundlessly stupid it could only appear in “Western media”. 🙂