Lebanon army will confront any potential ‘Israeli aggression’ no matter the cost: chief

Lebanon’s army will use use every available means to confront any potential “Israeli aggression” no matter the cost, its commander said on Monday.

“I affirm again our categorical rejection of the Israeli enemy infringing on Lebanon’s sovereignty and its sacred right to exploit all its economic resources,” the Lebanese army quoted General Joseph Aoun as saying on Twitter. “The army will not spare any method available to confront any Israeli aggression, whatever that costs.”

U.S. diplomats have mediated recently between the two countries after a surge in tensions over a border wall which Israel is building and over Lebanon’s decision to explore for offshore energy near disputed waters.


  • Niemals

    Lebanon’s army will use use every available means to confront any potential “Israeli aggression” no matter the cost, like Syrian government forces are doing because of the Turkish offensive in northern Syria.
    Now Syrian government forces are coming to the help of the Kurds.
    Turkey reacts with bombing.

    Who will help Lebanon’s army – Syria?

    • Hannibal

      They no longer need any help. The aggressors will be met with fire and fury like never before. Galilee will be freed from occupation and the wall broken down and recycled to build homes for the displaced Palestinians.

  • Y K

    A make-believe chief of a make-believe army of a make-believe state can only make make-believe threats.

    • MekensehParty

      yeah, but if the sh it hits the fan, thousands of soldiers will become such soft targets, never prepared to enter a battle or even as little as defend themselves from an Israeli attack.
      If the army chief wants to destroy the army (which might be what he wants) that’s the best way doing it.

      • Y K

        It is indeed mind-boggling (and sad) to see (nominal) Lebanese Christians still willing to follow Tehran’s playbook of fighting for Al Quds until the last Lebanese.

  • vs

    Wednesday, February 21, it was authorized to publish information that
    due to radio electronic reconnaissance of IDF (unit 8200), a terrorist
    act was prevented in the plane of Etihad Airways, departing from Sydney
    to Abu Dhabi. About the prevention of terrorist attacks and the detention of
    terrorists, international media reported in the summer, but to date, no
    mention was made of the role of Israeli intelligence in uncovering
    terrorist plans.

    press service of the IDF authorized the publication of the following
    information: “Unit 8200 provided unique intelligence that helped prevent
    an air transport attack that was being prepared by Islamic state
    militants in Australia in 2017. Cooperation between Israeli intelligence
    services allowed the transfer of information to local security agencies
    which led to the arrest of suspects, when the preparation for the
    terrorist act was at a decisive stage.This helped to save the lives of
    dozens of innocent people and demonstrate ovalo that 8200 division plays an important role in the fight against “Islamic state.”

    Terrorists of the “Islamic state” planned to blow up the plane of the
    airline Etihad Airways, departing from Sydney on July 15, 2017.

    explosive device, the components of which were transferred from Syria
    to Turkey, and from there sent by airmail to Sydney, was disguised as a
    meat grinder. The militants also planned to poison passengers with poison gas. On suspicion of preparing the attack, four Lebanese natives were arrested.

    Division 8200 is a part of the Defense Intelligence Division of the IDF. The main direction of his activity is the collection and decoding of radio electronic information

  • Niemals
  • vs

    Why stupid gov of Lebanon is shield for HA?

  • vs

    media reported that the IDF soldiers fired a boat of residents of the
    Gaza Strip, which was outside the zone designated for fishing. About this wrote the site Maariv.

    According to the site 0404.co.il, the incident occurred near the beach of Zikim.

    writes that the servicemen, acting in accordance with instructions,
    demanded that the “fishermen” stop and turn back, but they continued to
    move. The servicemen opened fire on those in the ship after one of them snatched a certain object, similar to a weapon.

    According to preliminary information, one of the three men in the boat was killed.

    It should be noted that FaLIEstinian sources, in particular the Hamas
    website “FaLIEstinian Information Center”, report this incident with
    reference to the Israeli media.

    The press service of the IDF does not comment on this information

  • Hind Abyad

    The Egyptian regime is complicit in Israel’s gas racket’ –no surprise