Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid escalation in Syria: Ifax

putinRussian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the situation in Syria in a telephone call on Saturday after heavy Israeli air strikes in the country, Interfax news agency cited the Kremlin as saying.

“They discussed the situation around the actions of the Israeli air force, which carried our missile strikes on targets in Syria,” Interfax quoted the Kremlin as saying.

Putin told Netanyahu there was a need to avoid any steps that would lead to a new confrontation in the region, Interfax reported.

Anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli warplane returning from a bombing raid on Iran-backed positions in Syria earlier on Saturday in the most serious confrontations yet between Israel and Iranian-backed forces based across the border.


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    SEPARATION and even just calling some Orabians FaLIEstinians (Soviet KGB June
    1964 invention) is just apartheid. Meanwhile Israeli Orabians are
    respectful equal citizens

  • PatienceTew

    Yah… It’s been pretty tough on the ‘Ski contractors.

    • MekensehParty

      you beat me to it lol
      Reuters counted 300 killed and injured Russian mercenaries
      Boy were they surprised

    • Hind Abyad

      I read Mekenseh, CNN NYT Washington Post MSN article.

      The doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity(..)

      The Kremlin said earlier this week it had no information on any casualties(..)

      A source with ties to the Wagner organization’ (who spoke on condition of anonymity,(..)

      When Reuters contacted those hospitals by phone on Thursday, staff either declined to comment or denied having any patients evacuated from Syria.

      The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the total of about 300 killed or injured was broadly correct.(..)

      A Reuters reporter visited the Burdenko hospital on Wednesday and spoke briefly to patients who said they knew nothing about anyone evacuated from Syria (..) .

    • Hind Abyad

      Tougher on Ukraine (set on fire).
      PS. Yalibnan sound is deactivated watch on YouTube

  • Hind Abyad

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that the US reports that scores of Russian soldiers are believed to be killed in US airstrikes on Syria are “disinformation,” at a press briefing in Moscow on Thursday.

    Zakharova argued that “claims about the deaths of dozens and hundreds of Russian citizens are classic misinformation. There are not 400, not 200, not 100 and not ten [of them killed as a result of the US-led coalition’s airstrike].”

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    On February 23, as a result of shelling by the Syrian army of East
    Guta, an enclave located near Damascus, 32 people were killed, reports

    According to the Syrian Center for Human Rights, since Sunday, 462
    people have become victims of bombings, artillery and missile strikes on
    East Guta.

    Recall, at the beginning of the week, UN Secretary-General Antonio
    Guterres demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities in the suburbs
    of Damascus to provide humanitarian assistance to the population.

    Guterres called on Russia, Iran and Turkey to stop military operations in the area

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    The Israeli satellite photographed the Su-57 aircraft at the air base Khmeimim https://www.imagesatintl.com/russia-testing-su57s-syrian-arena/