Syrian air defenses respond to ‘new Israeli aggression’ near Damascus: state media

syria israel fight
Syrian state media said early on Wednesday that Syrian air defenses had responded to what it described as “a new Israeli aggression” in the countryside around Damascus.

Alikhbaria state TV did not provide any further details.


  • Y K

    If it’s on “Syrian state media”, then it’s got to be true! 🙂

    • Well it’s more likely to be true than the lying media whore shit on Jew controlled western media.

  • Niemals

    How it can be “a new Israeli aggression” when the two countries have since the establishment of the State of Israel been in a state of war?

    • Correction – The UNLAWFUL ROGUE STATE of Israel.

      • vs

        Another one masturbating on Jews

  • Rascal

    More info needed but one can only assume this is just another hit on Hezb/Iran in an on going series of preemptive attacks against Israels self-declared enemy.
    Even Assad knows that most strikes in Syria from Israel are against IRGC&Co.
    The best part is, Iran never acknowledges any of the 100+ successful hits (during the Syria war), I assume because of embarrassment after all the mullah barking about destroying Israel with ease they are getting their asses whipped.
    It is many divine defeats, it is God’s will. Time for Iran to go home and take their Afghan army with them.