VP Pence’s Holocaust Day message with ‘Christ imagery’ sparks Jewish outrage

Vice President Mike Pence touches the Western Wall  in Jerusalem's Old City. (Ronen Zvulun/Pool photo via AP)
Vice President Mike Pence touches the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Ronen Zvulun/Pool photo via AP)
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has been excoriated on Twitter by Jews offended by what they view as his use of “Christ imagery” when memorializing Hitler’s victims on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Isareli newspaper Haaretz reported

Acording to Haaretz Pence tweeted a video of him and his wife Karen laying a wreath and taking a tour of the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem during their visit to Israel last week. In the tweet, he paid tribute to what he called the “6 million Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust who 3 years after walking beneath the shadow of death, rose up from the ashes to resurrect themselves to reclaim a Jewish future.”

Angry replies to his tweet charged that Pence, an evangelical Christian, imposed – consciously or unconsciously – a Christian religious narrative on the tragedy that was disrespectful to the Jews who perished. Critics described it as “shameful” and “tone-deaf, ” the daily added

One wrote: “Are you referring to my Jewish relatives who died or survived in the Holocaust or did we become embroiled into some sort of Jesus analogy?” Another called Pence’s use of the term resurrection “a Christian-tinged euphemism as the word is rarely used out of that specific context” and accused him of “glossing over the fact that they were murdered by saying they were resurrected, just like the Jesus he claims to believe in.“

Additional criticism followed:

While Pence’s word choice may have been offensive to many Americans because it sounds suspiciously close to Christian terminology, the Hebrew translations of the imagery and wording he chose is quite common in Israel.

The word “resurrection,” which has strong Christian connotations in English, is also a legitimate translation of the Hebrew word tekuma, which also can be translated as “rebirth,” “recovery” or “revival.” It is frequently used to describe the establishment of the State of Israel following the Holocaust in the phrase “Shoah v’tekuma.” Some on Twitter objected to the use of the word “martyr” as implying that the victims of the Holocaust sacrificed themselves willingly rather than being murdered. However, the word “martyr” is translated into Hebrew as kedoshim, which is the term most frequently used to memorialize Holocaust victims in Israel. The official name of Israel’s Holocaust memorial day is, in fact, Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day.

Haaretz added that beyond semantics, the larger issue is the implication in Pence’s tweet of an actual Jesus Christ-style resurrection of the Holocaust victims, through his statement that Jews “rose up from the ashes to resurrect themselves to reclaim a Jewish future” implies an actual return from the dead. Pence’s reference to “3 years walking beneath the shadow of death” was interpreted by many as making a deliberate parallel to the 3 days that passed between the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust did not ‘resurrect themselves.’ They are all dead and most of them not even buried. Mr. Pence should have left out the term ‘resurrect,’ which offended many Jews,” said Rabbi Ron Kronish, an expert on interreligious relations and a library fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Kronish added that Pence’s “reference to a Jewish future was very vague and unclear. If he meant that the Holocaust led to the foundation of the Jewish State of Israel, this is blasphemy since it somehow justifies the Holocaust.”

The fact that “many Israeli politicians” often commit this sin themselves, he said, doesn’t make it right. “It would have been better for him to have said nothing about the Holocaust on this occasion if he or his advisers can’t figure out a sensitive and serious way to say it,” concluded Kronish.

The controversy comes a year after the Trump White House came under fire for issuing an official message that omitted Jews for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and doubled down on the decision when it was criticized.

This year’s White House message included a clear reference to the Jewish victims, saying that “we take this opportunity to recall the Nazis’ systematic persecution and brutal murder of six million Jewish people. In their death camps and under their inhuman rule, the Nazis also enslaved and killed millions of Slavs, Roma, gays, people with disabilities, priests and religious leaders, and others who courageously opposed their brutal regime.”

  • Niemals

    “It started with politicians dividing the people…”

    “Only the dead can forgive and they can not speak,” says Leon Schwarzbaum in a DW interview. http://p.dw.com/p/2reSL
    He has survived the extermination camp Auschwitz and today fights to ensure that the truth is not forgotten.

  • Danny Farah

    For the life of me I don’t know why conservative Christians are supporting the jewish states since the hard core jews do not believe in Christ and want to demean him and do not want anything to do with Christ. Let this be a lesson to them and I hope they don’t cave in these haters of Christ.

    • Rudy1947

      Perhaps the Christians saw Christian heads being used as soccer balls recently.

    • Arzna

      About 77% of American evangelicals believe that we are living in the end times — that the Rapture will take place in their lifetimes. As is well known, this belief animates a great deal of Christian Zionism, which supports Jews moving to Israel not because it’s the startup nation but because it’s the future site of Armageddon. The miraculous rebirth of Israel has fulfilled biblical prophecy, but to complete it, Israel needs more Jews.

      For this reason many Jews consider Pence an extremely dangerous person .
      Evangelists believe the world will end in the 21st century and this will have a real impacts on Trump- Pence policies

      • Danny Farah

        Well I have a pretty good idea why Christians in the US and other western countries advocate for Israel it’s because It’s a big business for them. What else can they preach about? i mean the trips these organization arrange to go to Israel cost a lot of money and the donations they take using the Holy Land to their advantage as well. That’s why these evangelists make the big bucks.

        • Rudy1947

          Gee, and I thought only Jews made the big bucks. Refreshing.

          • Danny Farah

            Yes that too. Sorry my bad.. Lol

        • Arzna

          I wish it was a s simple as the way you put it . Unfortunately it is a lot more complex

          • Hind Abyad

            The twilight zone. Evangelicals waiting for the coming of Christ exploding in the Chosen faces.

    • Y K

      Always refreshing to read Arabs discussing Jooz and their evil plots. How come people so ignorant – well, basically about everything – are so encyclopedically knowledgeable about this one subject? It’s a mystery.

    • hendabyad

      Look at this-
      January 22, 2018,
      Elias Khoury listened to Pence in the Knesset.

  • Hind Abyad

    Trump turns Middle East peace from a promise into a fantasy.
    Israel is sick. Balfour destroyed Judaism.


    • Hannibal

      This is sickening… The MOST VILE nation on the planet bar none.
      Now watch that low life cockroach YK attack me. He is about to have a stroke from anger because I no longer entertain his stupid rantings. 1… 2… 3 here he comes. LMAO

      • Hind Abyad

        Israel already possess Gaza Mediterranean oil fields

        ‘Israeli DM Lieberman claims eastern Mediterranean gas field belongs to them, not Lebanon’

        • Hannibal

          They say… But the reality they won’t dare. We will go to war if that were to happen. The resistance already warned them.

        • Rudy1947

          Gaza oil fields? The only dispute is between Israel and Lebanon on the boundary between the two countries, not he entire gas field.

          • Y K

            Expecting Dumbyad to say something even remotely related to reality is like expecting her “start-up CEO” pal “Hannibal” to come up with a smart idea for a start-up. 🙂

          • Niemals

            A perfect occasion for some remarks;
            “There is no such country as Palestine. Palestine is a term the Zionists invented. . . . Our country was for centuries part of Syria. Palestine is alien to us…” (Arab leader to British Peel Commission, 1937)

            “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.” (Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian to Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, 1946)

            “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria.” (Delegate of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Security Council, 1956)

            Interesting remark in the Israeli press;

            MK conducted investigation into Tamimi family’s origins!
            Kulanu MK Michael Oren on Wednesday said he led a secret investigation into 16-year-old Palestinian provocateur Ahed Tamimi and her family, in part because their appearance – including “blond-haired, freckled” children in “Western clothes” – made them seem less like “real” Palestinians.

            Ahed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, called the investigation “silly and stupid” and said the investigation was racist.

            “We, the Tamimi family, were here in Palestine before the creation of Israel, and we will stay,” he said. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b0c4bc196caaaf9311e39d43dd26e32c2d78e79ebbac11358d798b055020e4f.jpg European Descent?

            “Denying that Palestinians could be blond reflects the racism in Israeli society.”

            If Palestinians could be blonde, why can’t Jews be blonde?

          • Niemals

            Another round of peculiar remarks about the new member of the HanniMegaHin club…

            Read Charles Crosby to Hind Abyad just before he joined the ‘prestigious’ club.

            “What does the word mean in moderator avoiding terms?
            I am a Christian, but not the fake RELIGIOUS kind = Roman Catholics – Eastern Orthodox – Anglican – Episcopalian – Methodists – assorted other Protestants – Pentecostals – Baptists or RELIGIOUS cults like JWs, Mormons, SDAs etc. etc. etc.
            I group them ALL under the umbrella title of The CAINITE-JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION!!
            Details here: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f72475cf671fec8ab4cf7142da990a94c203ffa8f26f3dca644a114d6bd795e2.jpg

            – Brother Charles

            Right! Here we go, The BLACK JESUS and also The BLACK DISCIPLES and The BLACK APOSTLES and The BLACK KING DAVID and The BLACK JACOB/ISRAEL and, of course, the obligatory BLACK ISRAELITES and last but not least how BLACKS INVENTED EVERYTHING!!! = WOW how amazing is that!!!???? How have we missed these incredible ‘historical truths’??? It’s all looking very BLACK indeed, isn’t it? I fear that us whites have a very DARK future ahead of us. LOL

            Now hilarious as all this ridiculous gumpf is, there is an even a more mirth filled element to it. According to these black ‘geniuses’ Jacob/Israel was black, but his twin brother Esau was still redish white and hairy as described in the Holy Scriptures and, of course, it’s also claimed by these daft blacks that he’s the forefather of all those ‘wicked’ Confederate Red Necks, just to give this whole subject a very convenient anti-white Southern USA slant or flavour. Clever eh?

            Genesis 25:24-25 (KJV) And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her (Rebecca’s) womb. 25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. (Brackets and emphasis mine)

            Needless-to-say there is no mention here in The Holy Scriptures of Jacob being black.

            So, as already stated, where do we begin? Well the obvious place to start, as with all these things, is with the agenda(s) and to pin point whose agenda and what kind of agenda, for there is ALWAYS AN AGENDA, folks, and it’s always bubbling away somewhere in the background. It NEVER fails.

            This, therefore, leads us to ask some very basic questions like, is this strange Black Jesus phenomenon motivated by: 1) religious zeal, 2) politics, 3) hatred (oh how the ‘certain race’ loves that word) on solely anti-white racial grounds, 4) for revenge, 5) or just simple racial jealousy? From my research, thus far, I would say that all these factors come into play, accompanied by the associated and obligatory unhinged emotions. Added to which, all the elements are being deviously and deliberately stirred up by the ‘certain race’ for their anti-white genocidal programme.

            Continue to Part 2 by clicking the next button above.”

            Now, you can wonder if Cosby overshadows Omega or vice versa, whatever Cosby is a caliber bigger than the HanniMegaHin, they perceived now to be tame compared to ????????
            White Cosby.
            No wonder when you know the ideology (???????? ) that drives this white Cosby. ????????

            “Please note, even though I have briefly shared my experiences above, this is a work for Yashua Messiah and it’s not about me. Here, you will learn, possibly for the first time, what Christianity is i.e. The Way, The Word, The Truth and The Light and Yashua Messiah is The Way, The Word, The Truth and The Light and where there is no darkness at all i.e. the satanic darkness of The Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion, otherwise known as Mainstream Christianity (Churchianity) or Christendom.”
            Taken from
            “About The Author” – Messenger Charles….

          • Y K

            The guy is a certified nutjob.

          • Niemals

            I wonder if Cosby overshadows Omega or vice versa, however Cosby is a caliber bigger than the HanniMegaHin gang, they perceived now to be tame compared to ???????? White Cosby.

            No wonder when you know the ideology (???????? ) that drives this white Cosby. ????????

          • Based upon what? Now steady, for your answer will require the engaging of that useless lump of fat that keeps your ears apart and I don’t think it will cope..

          • Hey bird-brain thanks for the publicity.

      • Hind Abyad

        That was rough. the worst thing I’ve watched in it’s genre since a viewing of Netanyahu’s address speaking for all Jews everywhere
        on all Jewish lives Jewish things and Jewish people as they Jewishly involve themselves with Jewish projects for the Jewish State and other Jewish activities. and jew jew jew, world jewry obsessed with itself..

        • Y K

          “world jewry obsessed with itself.”
          And Arab Nazi Dumbyad is obsessed with world Jewry (to the point of watching Netanyahu’s speeches – I bet not even his family does that!). How crazy is that? 🙂

  • Niemals

    Its an undisputed fact that the Holocaust, a monstrous, well-planned genocide, was possible not only because of the Nazis’, but also because of those who stood aside as it was happening.

    The Germans had willing accomplices, including many Poles, who took an active part in the persecution and murder.
    The history books talk about the “hunt for the Jews,” which led to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, both directly and indirectly, during the Second World War.

    The polish president (the right-wing Law and Justice party) – not the Polish state, denies the involvement of Polish citizens in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust, and is attempting to promote a “new strategy in historical policy.”
    The new law, which criminalizes any researcher who dares publish the truth, is an attempt at historical revisionism.
    There is no doubt that the Nazis, who planned the Final Solution, were the ones who carried out the crimes, yet many Poles gladly cooperated with them.

    Poland’s attempt to scold its role in the murder of European Judaism is, in its entirety , no different than Israel’s attempt to eradicate the disaster that occurred in the 1948 Palestinians.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b31386b7e0a7d3436e04e9aecb63fac85eb5631ddb9c8c57d5ed6d8a4bbfd1ee.jpg Holocaust survivor: swing against the horror (Der SPIEGEL)
    He played for his life:
    As a concentration camp prisoner Coco Schumann worked in the SS propaganda film “Theresienstadt” – in Auschwitz he had to intone to entertain the Nazi henchmen “La Paloma”.
    Now the musician died in Berlin.

    • hendabyad

      You are blocked now

      • Y K

        How many times have you done this already? A hundred? More? Come on, let’s face it: a mental patient like you craves attention. 🙂

        • Niemals

          What have she done this time?

          Did هند أبيض accursed or express annoyance about the Jews again?
          That wouldn’t be a new Abyss….

  • Niemals

    Parallel with the Holocaust Memorial Day, we hear a Bassam El Shammaa (an Egyptian historian) claim the most absurd thing I have heard: The Jews killed and tortured Germans in a “Counter Holocaust”.
    In a TV interview, the historian and Egyptologist Bassam El Shammaa downplayed the Holocaust, saying that the figure of six million Jews killed was “disputed among historians” and that “at the time, there weren’t six million Jews in the world.” “How come nobody talks about the ‘counter Holocaust’? he asked, claiming that after Hitler’s defeat, “the Jews in Europe captured the Germans, put them in camps, and started to kill them.”
    The interview aired on the Egyptian Mehwar TV channel on December 17, 2017.

    It is not the first time that this ‘historian’ make headlines.
    Study book for eight graders shows the Israeli flag instead of the Palestinian one on a map of the Middle East, causing the Education Ministry in the country to order the removal of the controversial page from the book and bar it from further distribution while it investigates the matter. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a33c2bb0fd2aec68fd9163c669c933f0bd95c68adb27d39ce7ff1ea0d2521fe0.jpg The controversial map
    A textbook for eight grade students showing Israel’s flag on a map of the Middle East has raised ire in Egypt.

  • Niemals

    Today the Bundestag has commemorated the Holocaust – for the first time with the far-right AfD in attendance.

    Auschwitz survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch gave a speech to the chamber.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eac770a78a7ce5f1642d45e4274e6793273f3597cee20e7d70d1710097ffa951.jpg Anita Lasker-Wallfisch was 17 when she arrived in Auschwitz in 1943
    Lasker-Wallfisch used her speech to warn against the revival of anti-Semitism in Germany and elsewhere. “Anti-Semitism is a 2,000-year-old virus,” she said. “What a scandal that Jewish schools, even Jewish kindergartens, need to be guarded by the police. ‘Jews’ is not a collective term – they’re just people.”

    French President Emmanuel Macron has tweeted his dismay after a Jewish child wearing a kippa was struck by two teenagers on Monday in Sarcelles, north of Paris.

    • Hind Abyad

      These are Palestinian children just click on them imbecil.

  • Hannibal

    Another Anti-Christ misled dork paying homage to a…. Stone? While we the real Christians worship the King of kings, the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, the ONE LORD, the King of the TRUE Israel, the He who has NO NAME, ehye asher ehye…

  • Hind Abyad

    المبشّر والأصوليElias Khoury
    “January 22, 2018, and I felt how this fundamentalist raised a storm of hatred that filtered from his arrogance and stupid beliefs stuffed with stupidity.
    The American vice president stood on the Knesset platform as an evangelist who kept the book only from his Jewish tribes by interpreting the evangelical Christian Zionists. The Jews preached his own religious faith, manipulating the biblical stories, as if he were a priest preaching in a church. One moment when the man himself was created was when he saw how the Arab Palestinian legislators were kicked out of the hall when they raised the slogan “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. At that moment, Mr. Pence saluted the “vibrant Israeli democracy”, as Israeli democracy seems to be beating only with hatred and oppression.
    Pence came to tell us and to the whole world that the fundamentalism and the divine vision found its real embodiment in this supreme religious trend, which transcended the fundamentalism of Baghdadi and Usama bin Laden, because it mixes its religious fundamentalism with a missionary beast with power, money and modern organization(..).

  • Hind Abyad

    Dead fish eyes Lieberman
    “ISRAELI DEFENSE MINISTER SAYS LEBANON WILL PAY PRICE IF NEW WAR ERUPTS” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ac1eac680bba443d02fcd4a9a20ba4b7aa3e26295655193530448c8fd3dd661.jpg

    • Y K


      Well, I’m sure it’s all gonna be fine and you will drink cardamon coffee in the Galilee with your degenerate startup CEO buddy. 🙂

  • Niemals

    Because you are Jewish. The story of Oscar, victim of anti-Semitism.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/29896314c197bf83fc7ba71c3daf074c6d4b2bb420a907d562cb5f309fa71d97.jpg According to estimates, around 250,000 Jews live in Germany again.

    More and more frequently they are exposed to anti-Semitic statements or they are even attacked and beaten.
    With the AfD a right-wing populist party has been elected to the Bundestag for the first time, tolerating in its ranks right-wing radicals and neo-Nazis….

  • Hind Abyad

    The most democratic country in the Middle East.. what a joke
    “Israeli lawmaker Oren Hazan of the Likud Party was interviewed by the BBC on Wednesday, in a news report about Ahed Tamimi titled “Is a slap an act of terror?”. Hazan opined that “a slap is terrorism” and described his response:

    “If I was there, she would finish in the hospital. For sure. Nobody could stop me. I would kick, kick her face, believe me”.

    Hazan is known for outrageous statements. For example he recently called Gazan families visiting relatives in Israeli prison “dogs”, “human scum” and “beasts”.

    But Israel apologists hurried to contain the damage, as this was aired on one of the biggest mainstream channels. It would be hard for many people to accept this as ‘self-defence’, even if Oren Hazan says it is.

    Israel apologia outlet ‘Honest Reporting’ (haha)..went on the offensive against the BBC, in a piece titled “BBC News Kicks Israel in the Face”.
    It was supposedly BBC who was the aggressor, since they could have interviewed someone else than Hazan

    “Appalling that @oren_haz was given airtime on BBC 2 embarrass Israel.
    Whatever you think about Ahed Tamimi, stating that you’d kick a 16yrs old girl’s face in and land her in hospital is terrible PR and shame on @BowenBBC 4 selecting him in the first place”.

    Well Hazan is a member of the governing coalition.
    Before the BBC selected him, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party faithful did.
    Plosker was deservedly countered by Israeli activist Ofer Neiman, who retweeted:

    “From an Israeli citizen, Simon, YOU are in cahoots with this Israeli apartheid political elite. Don’t like what you see in BBC mirror?”

    Indeed, Hazan might be an extreme example, so maybe we should look at some more from the ‘center.’
    Did Plosker or anyone else notice how close Hazan’s words were to those of the centrist liberal’ journalist Ben Caspit, who wrote, “In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras.”

    And what about former Defense Minister Yaalon who in 2015 promised to keep hurting “Lebanese civilians, to include kids of the family.”

    What about Centrist lawmaker Tzipi Livni, who after the 2008-2009 onslaught on Gaza killed hundreds of civilians congratulated Israel for showing “real hooliganism” and for “going wild” in Gaza?

    And what about New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman who endorses the ‘going crazy’ doctrine against civilians in Lebanon?
    Are all of them bad apples?
    Haaretz-Jonathan Ofir on February 2, 2018.

  • Niemals

    I hope that Auschwitz survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch is unaware of the following Holocaust Denial by Egyptian TV Host (January 27, 2018);
    It Is the “Greatest Lie in History”; Gas Chambers Were Used to Disinfect Clothes
    Speaking on the Egyptian Alhadath Alyoum TV channel on January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, TV host Ahmad Suleiman called the Holocaust “the greatest lie in history” and “that nonsense story invented by the Jews” for extortion purposes. He further said that Britain and the U.S. spread rumors about the extent of the Nazi massacres and about the annihilation of East European Jewry to serve their own economic and political interests.

    This time we hear the absurd statements coming from Egyptians – once again on a TV interview;
    Egyptian historian and Egyptologist Bassam El Shammaa downplayed the Holocaust, saying that the figure of six million Jews killed was “disputed among historians” and that “at the time there were not six million Jews in the world. ” “How does nobody talk about the ‘counter Holocaust’? He asked, claiming that after Hitler’s defeat,” The Jews in Europe captured the Germans, put them in camps, and started to kill them. “The interview aired on the Egyptian Mehwar TV channel [December 17, 2017].

    The Egyptian television host have has stuck up with the fate of Eastern European Jews in concentration camps – there were no Jews in the rest of Europe – dose he have any forensic evidence or documents that can confirm this, that all six millions Jews was descendants from Eastern Europe?

  • “VP Pence’s Holocaust Day message with ‘Christ imagery’ sparks Jewish outrage.”

    These whingeing satanic Jews are never satisfied. They elevate the alleged Holocaust to the new religion of Holocaustianity and Auschwitz to the status of the New Calvary and then moan when it’s given ‘Christ imagery’!

    Serves the lying vermin right.

  • Niemals

    If VP Pence’s Holocaust Day message with Christ imagery sparked Jewish outrage, what kind of Jewish reaction we will hear when they get the news that the US apparently wants to move its diplomatic mission to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at a symbolic date – in May, the State of Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary.

    Significantly earlier date than previously thought Even in January when Trump had ruled in an interview with the news agency Reuters that the relocation of the representation in 2018 is about to go on stage.
    A few days later, Vice President Mike Pence announced during his visit to Israel that the embassy would be opened in Jerusalem by the end of 2019 at the latest.