“Israel doesn’t want peace and is the biggest threat to Lebanon”, says PM Hariri

hariri, cnbcThe biggest threat to Lebanon’s stability is Israel, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos Wednesday.

“The only threat I see is Israel taking some kind of action against Lebanon, out of a miscalculation,” Hariri said.

“And this is the real threat, I believe. I think the other issues are challenges, yes … But when Israel decides to launch a war against Lebanon, this is something that is unexplainable.”

The prime minister spoke in reference to the 2006 Lebanon War, during which Israel launched an offensive against the country in response to cross-border rocket attacks from Shia militant group Hezbollah, now the most powerful party in Lebanon’s government.

“Look at the history — how many times Israel launched wars on Lebanon?,” the prime minister asked. “How many wars? In 2006, Israel launched a war saying it would get rid of Hezbollah. And where are we now?”

Israel ‘doesn’t want peace’ with Palestine

“And the problem is not only Lebanon. Look at Palestine,” Hariri went on. “If you want peace, you have to accept the other. Talk to the other and accept that they have rights.”

“The only way this is going to be resolved is for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. How long do we have to hear about the Palestinian conflict?”

“I believe that (the) current administration in Israel does not want peace, full stop.”

Hariri was clear in expressing his frustration with the historically internecine Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though he added, “We have seen people in Israel that wanted peace.”

On President Donald Trump‘s decision to name Jerusalem the Israeli capital, a move widely condemned around the world, Hariri said, “Our position on Jerusalem is very clear.”

“If the U.S. decides Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, that does not mean that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Because the whole world is saying Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.”

The Trump administration’s move in December was a sharp reversal of decades of official U.S. policy, which left the status of Jerusalem up to negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leadership. It triggered protests in several countries, as well as violent demonstrations in parts of the Middle East.

Still, Hariri felt Trump has good intentions for the region. Asked if he thought the U.S. wants peace, he replied, “Of course they do. And I believe that President Trump wants peace. But he is trying a different way maybe, which I don’t understand.”



  • Niemals

    According to Saad Hariri the biggest threat to Lebanon’s stability is Israel… did he already forgotten why he went to saudi arabia?

    It will be interesting what will the Lebanese Prime Minister do after the coming elections.
    Will Saad Hariri meet the same destiny that his father did?

    “And this is the real threat, I believe. I think the other issues are challenges, yes … But when Israel decides to launch a war against Lebanon, this is something that is unexplainable.”… it will not be unexplainable when the ‘protectors of Lebanon’ will launch provocative attack against Israel.

    Its becomes more and more clear that Lebanon don’t need anymore Hezbollah to be the danger for any war between Hezbollah and Israel.
    Now is Lebanon (Hariri?) itself that turns Lebanon into the enemy instead the Hezbollah to be the sole danger for Israel.

    The ridicules reaction of Lebanon regarding forbidding movies (Palestinian film festival booted a new motion picture by Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri because of his activity in Israel.) or fashion accessories (“Gal Gadot dress trouble for Lebanese designer”) just because the ‘enemy’ is involved in it like “Miss Iraq and Miss Israel selfie strikes a nerve”.
    “Lebanese General Security warns over Mossad’s attempt to recruiting citizens online”….
    Did they learn it from the theocratic Iran?

    I never expected Lebanon could be defeated by fanatic Hezbollah who eventually takes power in the country – what will happen to the Druze, who do not consider themselves to be Muslims, Christians (Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Melkite and Protestant as well as Sunni)?

    Remember “Bassil Tells saudi Arabia: Lebanon is not Hezbollah”, “Lebanese TV host kicks out Hezbollah supporter during live episode” or this https://youtu.be/bIy2L5uI9P8…?

    • Y K

      “Will Saad Hariri meet the same destiny that his father did?”

      In fact, evading this fate seems to be the only thing he really cares about. 🙂

    • Hind Abyad

      Mossad killed his father..he must know

      • Y K

        Didn’t you block him like for the thousandth time lately? 🙂

        • Niemals

          Who did the ‘Blocked’ blocked this time?

          • Y K


          • Niemals

            This is impossible, you can’t block a username that blocked her since ages. ????

          • Hind Abyad

            “This is impossible, you can’t block a username that blocked her since ages”. ???? ” For ages”
            Of course i didn’t block you since you started ‘Browsing Abyss’ on Twitter publishing on Yalibnan (for attention) and kept them.
            If you had Blocked me I wouldn’t see you Alzheimer
            Let’s watch this liar blocked.

  • Hind Abyad

    Bitchy interviewer, putting words in PM Hariri’s mouth before he can answer is not professional.

    • Y K

      Poor little “PM” Hariri got abused by a bitchy interviewer. She made him so upset he even spilled 50-year old whiskey on the leather upholstery in his private jet. It was like a thousand bucks in a glass! My heart bleeds for him.

  • Hind Abyad
  • Hind Abyad

    ‘Lebanon: Two Israeli Agents Behind Car Bombing Targeting Hamas Operative
    Local media reports the two were aided by two locals in operation to assassinate Mohammed Hamdan’

  • YeUx

    Isra-Yahesh doesn’t want peace because they are excavating and stealing Phoenician Archeological artifacts to say that this artifacts are from Isra-Yahesh origin, and justify the existence of the sons of Zorobabel who in turn today are called Jews and placed in hurshalim by Cyrus 111 of Persia in the year 350 BC this is how Jews where invented the word hibiru = Hebrew means “common criminals” and are also known as Pharesees coming from Pharsi which means farce in Persian language. Solomon, David, Moses all fantasy, Isra-Yahesh all they have is a poisonous tongue that wounds more than a sword.