3 Lebanese kidnapped in Iraq. Iraqi Interior Ministry investigating incident


Three Lebanese businessmen identified as Imad Khatib, Nader Hamadeh and George Batrouni, were kidnapped on Sunday shortly after arriving in Baghdad, National News Agency ( NNA)  reported .

“The Ministry is following up on the matter in a manner that suits the safety of the kidnapped and that ensures their safe release,” a statement released by the ministry said.

It added urging “media outlets to adhere to professional standards in a manner consistent with the accuracy of the incident.”

Later on Wednesday, Lebanon’s Interior Ministry said it had been following up on the kidnapping  incident since Sunday night.

“A security delegation from the ministry headed to Iraq to follow up on the developments on the ground,” the ministry said.

“The main concern for the Lebanese government, the Interior Ministry and the families is the safety of the three abductees and securing their speedy return to Lebanon through exerting all the possible efforts in this regard,” the ministry added.

Negotiations are ongoing regarding a ransom, diplomatic sources said according to Voice of Lebanon (93.3 FM).

Other  Lebanese media  sources say this issue has developed into a ransom situation

VOL  reported that two of the men were kidnapped first on Oct. 22. The third Lebanese man went with an assistant and his lawyer to negotiate their release, and was subsequently kidnapped as well.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry said Wednesday it was opening an investigation into the kidnapping of the  three Lebanese nationals   Iraqi News website reported on Wednesday