Eye for an eye? Iranian thug blinded for throwing acid in 4-year-old girl’s face

Iran has blinded a man on Tuesday after convicting him of throwing chemicals in face of a four-year-old girl, a judicial official was quoted as saying.

The little child was left completely unable to see by the brutal attack – leading the state to sentence the attacker to the literal eye-for-an-eye punishment.

The head of criminal affairs at the Tehran prosecutor’s office, Mohammad Shahriari, said it was the second time this year that Iran has carried out the punishment, which can be imposed for such crimes in the Islamic republic.

“In 2009, this man threw lime into the face of a little girl of four years in the Sanandaj region, leaving her blind,” the ISNA news agency quoted him as saying.

“Today, the law of retribution was applied in my presence and that of experts,” he said, without giving details.

The law of retribution is a central part of Islam’s sharia code but has been condemned by international human rights groups.

Victims also have the right under the Islamic “qisas” law to personally inflict the gruesome punishments. 

They can also choose to spare their attackers the punishment often in exchange for blood money.

In 2011 a young Iranian woman called off the blinding of her attacker at the last minute.

The Sun

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    Hard to believe any country still maintains such primitive legal system. Iran and the Saudis the two leading countries stuck in the middle-ages. But maybe that is what is needed to keep their population under control and fearful of the dictators and their stupid backwards government. I wonder if they blind this animal in public like the hang people daily in the town square.

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    Eye for an eye? Didn’t know the Muslims stole that concept, too. 🙂