Antoine Lahad, former commander of pro-Israeli militia “South Lebanon Army” dies at 88

THE ALS, THE ARMY IN SOUTH LEBANONAntoine Lahad, the former commander of the now-defunct South Lebanon Army, died in Paris on Sept 10 . Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper reported .

Lahad was 88.

Lahad headed the pro-Israel militia the South Lebanon Army (SLA) , which claimed allegiance to Israel from 1984 until the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon in May 2000. He took over the command of the SLA from its founder General Saad Hadad.

Hadad founded the pro-Israel militia with the aid and support of Israel after invasion of Lebanon in 1982 .

Saad Haddad died in 1984.

Lahad was born into a Christian Maronite family in the village of Al Qattara. He graduated from the Lebanese Military Academy in 1952.

He was a Lebanese Army (reserve officer) who carried a major general rank when he took over SLA leadership. He was close to Lebanese president, Camille Chamoun.

File photo of General Antoine Lahad, the head of the South Lebanese Army during Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon on May 29, 2000. Photo by Flash90.
File photo of General Antoine Lahad, the head of the South Lebanese Army during Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon on May 29, 2000.
Photo by Flash90.
Lahad was condemned to death by Hezbollah following Israel’s occupation of southern Lebanon. Men were required to sign written pledges not to visit with Lahad or his people if they were traveling into southern Lebanon. His headquarters was known as Marja’uyun, which flew an Israeli flag flanked by two flags of Lebanon. Also in the compound was the Pat Robertson CBN broadcast center.

In n 1988,Souha Bechara, a 21 year old woman who was a member of the Lebanese Communist party, tried to assassinate Lahad. Bechara disguised herself as an aerobics instructor to visit with Lahad’s family. On November 17, 1988 while she was having tea with Lahad’s wife, he returned home. Bechara shot him twice in the chest. She was detained by his security team. Lahad spent eight weeks in the hospital and suffered health complications leaving his left arm paralyzed.

When Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000, Lahad was determined to carry on against Hezbollah. He pleaded for support from Israel,

“I need three things: 1 – I need Israel not to stop the money, keep the flow of money coming so I can keep paying my soldiers; 2- I need logistical support so the SLA will have adequate ammunition; 3- I need the border to remain open because I don’t have sophisticated hospitals in the South, and in this instance all my wounded should be transported to northern Israel to be treated. When I’ll have those three things, I can hold for 200 years. That’s all I need.”

Lahad never received the support he asked for , and the SLA collapsed following Israel’s withdrawal.

“Antoine was a proud Lebanese national, loyal to his homeland, Lebanon, and his heart was filled with love for it and its unique character, a love that moved him to take upon himself the enormous responsibility over the border area in south Lebanon,” his former SLA comrades said in a statement.

“He was a moral man gifted with courage and rare leadership abilities,” the SLA veterans said. “We will never forget you, dear commander.”

Lahad resettled in Tel Aviv, where he opened up a restaurant. A short time later, however, he departed for Paris. Lahad was tried in absentia as a traitor by Lebanese authorities and sentenced to life in prison.


  • Traitors be damned

    Rot in hell you traitor

    • arzatna1

      He may be a traitor to you , but he was a hero to other people, specially the Christian community in south Lebanon .
      The same way some people ( our friends in the Shiite community) view Hezbollah as a resistance organization , while some others view it as a fifth column , serving the interests of Iran which is viewed as the enemy of the Arabs by the majority of the Lebanese and the Arab world

      • Traitors be damned

        I am a christian from the south and I can tell you he is no hero to me. He is the primary reason israel could occupy lebanon for such a long time, and without him and his traitorous band of criminals our country would have been liberated much much sooner. Israel stayed in lebanon for so long because people like this rat you call a hero made it much less costly for them to occupy us. Why would they leave when lebanese blood is being spilled instead of israeli bood. There is no excuse what so ever for his betrayal. I would understand if he was allied with israel during the civil war, as he would not be the only party in lebanon to have done so (cough lebanese forces cough cough), but when the war ended in 1990 he had no reason to maintain that alliance, and keeping for an additional TEN YEARS shows just how morally bankrupt this rat was.

        • Hannibal

          Nobody was allied with Israel… Israel used the militias as did the militias use Israel. Have you forgotten that the Christians had no one else to turn to because they were surrounded by Syrians and Palestinians and the Lebanese traitors who sided with the Palestinians against their own countrymen? Besides Hezbollah (or Amal, or the Shia community) had it with the Palestinian hegemony that they themselves threw rice welcoming the Israeli army columns “invading” Lebanon. Have you also conveniently forgotten 7arb el moukhayamat? Amal and the Shia attacking Palestinians to put them where they belong? Every camp uses everyone to get to their goals and at the end the traitors are all the Lebanese bar none. For today’s heroes will be tomorrow’s traitors. It all depends on how the wind blows.

          • nagy_michael2

            well said Hannibal.

          • master09

            People only see one side of the story or history, it’s called blind something.

        • 5thDrawer

          “Lahad NEVER received the support he asked for.”
          ASSad and the UN made a ‘Sand-Line’ for some years at Tyre, then the UN finally got it pushed back more. And maybe not enough, quite true. But in a changing world, to continue resisting support from Israel in the form of ‘trade’ – or even an offered orange – has proven to be another sort of stupidity.
          So now, you are a Christian FROM ‘the south’ … and it’s under Iranian control.

        • master09

          But now the South is under control by another nation Iran and was by Syria, sorry still is and that’s ok by you I see.