Israel’s PM : “The Iranian nuclear deal is a bad mistake of historic proportions”

Netanyahu and Lapid
Israel’s PM Bejamin Netanyahu (L) and Yesh Atid chief Yair Lapid

Israel’s PM Bejamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying on Tuesday :

 “The Iranian  nuclear deal is a bad mistake of historic proportions”.

Netanyahu, warned Monday that the concession being offered by world powers meant that they were willing to accept a nuclear deal at any price.

“If the concessions continue even after ‘death to America’ chants in Tehran, then it is clear that some are willing to make a deal at any price,” Netanyahu said at a Likud faction meeting on Monday.

“Were it not for our efforts over the years, Iran would have accumulated nuclear weapons already. Our commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon still stands today.” He added.

Netanyahu said Tuesday that the accord with Iran will allow it “to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region.”




Lapid blames Netanyahu 

Yesh Atid chief Yair Lapid   a key Israeli opposition leader said on  Tuesday that  Netanyahu’s diplomatic campaign on the Iranian nuclear issue has been a “colossal failure.”

Lapid said the diplomatic efforts must now shift to focus only on the international supervisory mechanisms on the Iranian nuclear program.

In a separate interview that Lapid gave on Monday morning he said that Israel was sidelined from the talks with Iran because the White House shut Netanyahu out.

“I also am not thrilled by  [US President Barack] Obama’s polices. But Netanyahu crossed a line that caused the White House to stop listening to Israel,” Lapid told Army Radio.

“In the last year we weren’t even in the arena, we had no representative in Vienna, our intelligence cooperation was harmed, and the door to the White House was closed to us,” he added.