Now, you can pay bills just by clicking a selfie

pay bills just by clicking a selfieNew York: Paying bills can be fun, if you do it through Mastercard. You just need to click a selfie with your smartphone, blink once at your self-portrait and your bill is paid.

That’s with the help of a new mobile app that MasterCard has come up with, reported. The app uses facial recognition to verify your identity.

After downloading the app, you pay for things by simply looking at your phone and blinking once.

The blink prevents thieves from showing the app a picture of your face in an attempt to fool it. Alternatively, the app can read your fingerprint.

The app doesn’t send either your fingerprint or a picture of your face to MasterCard. Instead, it converts the image into code and sends it to MasterCard.

MasterCard says it’s secure, but any transmitted data is potentially vulnerable. By contrast, Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint verification, for example, happens entirely on your iPhone and no data is transmitted.

The new biometric methods for verifying your identity could replace passwords or PIN codes. MasterCard currently asks for a password to verify purchases with its SecureCode system.

It’s not clear when the app will be available to customers. The company is reportedly also experimenting with voice recognition and even a method of verifying your identity by reading your heartbeat.

  • 5thDrawer

    Replace ??? YOU ASSUME everyone has one of these phones and it works??

    • O

      Not our problem you live in the dark ages

  • vs

    Strangulation by boas of their victims recognized a myth

    • 5thDrawer

      The idea is to crush body-bones down to a size and general looseness that the snake can swallow…
      If it happens to drive a few ribs through the lungs at the same time, oh well…
      One should remember to try to keep one hand free to grab the head and chew through the neck of the snake before that happens … 😉

      • vs

        suffocating of their victims are not boas but banks, monopolies, officials and taxes

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          Lol good one. Very true

      • Patience2

        I saw one pic where a ‘big’ snake had swallowed a pretty good sized alligator!

  • O

    “It’s not clear when the app will be available to customers”

    So it’s not “now” that one can use a selfie to pay. And secondly it’s not a “selfie” but more a video. Stupid journalists