World’s first THREE-WAY gay marriage


Three gay men from Thailand have tied the knotThree gay men from Thailand have tied the knot in what is thought to be the world’s first three-way same-sex marriage.

Happy newlyweds Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, took the plunge on Valentine’s Day after exchanging their vows in a fairy-tale ceremony at their home in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand.

The three blushing grooms are thought to be the world’s only wedded male threesome and have since become internet sensations after photos from their big day went viral.

In what they described as the happiest day of their lives, the three men were suited and booted for the ceremony in which they exchanged rings after walking down the aisle.

Bell, From Phitsanulok Province, said: ‘I think we are first three-way same sex males to have a wedding, possibly in the world.

‘Some people may not agree and are probably amazed by our decision, but we believe many people do understand and accept our choice. Love is love, after all.’

Although same-sex marriages are not recognised as legitimate under Thai law, the trio were able to consummate their love under Buddhist law in the symbolic ceremony.

Art, from Chiang Mai Province, met Joke, from Uthai Thani Province, through business and started a relationship after realising their love for each other while working closely together in 2010.

Both men knew they were gay before they met and have been living together for the past five years.

Meanwhile Bell, who was studying management at Phitsanuloke University, frequently met the couple at parties before the three men realised they all started to have feelings for each other.

But after Bell was hospitalised with a congenital disease, the threesome became inseparable leading Joke and Art to propose the idea of a three-way marriage.

The only condition was that Joke and Art must ask Bell’s parents for his hand in marriage.

Art said: ‘When Bell was in hospital, it became clear that we all had a lot of feelings for each other.

‘We thought what better way to show our love for each other by getting married.

‘It might seem strange to some, but many people understand our bond and the reasons we got married.

In Thailand, same-sex unions are not legally binding, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons may face legal challenges on their sexual freedoms as same-sex couples are still frowned upon.

However, more LGBT rights are applicable than ever before in the country, one of the most tolerant countries in Asia, with religious groups declaring their support for civil marriages between gay and lesbian couples.

Joke, Bell and Art were joined together under Buddhist Law in a ceremony that was not legally registered.

The ceremony included the traditional exchange of vows in which the trio declared their love for each other, and in doing so, agreed to share their home and responsibilities.

According to Joke, same-sex marriages are just as valid as any legally sanctioned ceremony and are treated as such.

He said: ‘Now Thai society has a better understanding of sexual orientation as many same-sex weddings appear on TV, newspapers and social media, we feel more accepted and able to come out.

‘But I don’t believe the world has ever seen three men marry before, this is something new.

‘Most people all around us can accept that and many people have given us their blessing.

‘We love each other and live together like brothers; hopefully this is something the world can understand in the 21st century.’

The Daily Mail