TV Producer of Lebanon’ s Bas Mat al Watan accused of defaming Islam

charbel khalil

Media reports said Wednesday that Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian, the highest  Sunni spiritual authority in Lebanon  has called on Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi to prosecute Charbel Khalil the producer of the  satirical TV show  Bas Mat al Watan for posting a tweet deemed insulting to Islam and harmful to national unity.  He  also  instructed his assistant to file a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office against  Khalil for defaming Islam by using the religious slogan “No God but God and Mohammed is his Prophet” in an odious way under the heading of “sexual jihad.”

In a related development  a lawyer representing more than 70 religious and social figures, rights groups and civil society organizations filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Khalil accusing him of insulting Islam, according to the Daily Star newspaper

Khalil, the producer of “Bas Mat Watan” TV show, who has stirred controversy in the past for mocking Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, was accused of inciting sectarian strife and offending religious symbols, including the Prophet Mohammad.

Lawyer Tarek Shandab called on the prosecutor general to arrest Khalil over a tweet he had posted on his personal Twitter account, showing a bearded [Islamist] man and a woman, both nude, lying under a cover depicting the Islamic banner.

A comment on the tweet said “Jihad Nikah (sexual jihad) under the Prophet’s umbrella.”

Shandab, who is also the lawyer for several terror suspects in Roumieh prison, demanded the “most severe sanction” for insulting Islam, the sources said.

  • JS_Bach

    I wish Islam gets more insulted about what ISIS is doing than an innocuous tweet by a TV producer. I did not hear the “Grand Mufti” speak about the 21 people that were beheaded in the name of his own religion a couple of days ago. What, is that not insulting enough? Or maybe if he spoke, he didn’t speak as loudly as he is now regarding a stupid sexual reference. If I were him, I would decree that what ISIS did be the subject of every sermon in every Mosque throughout Lebanon this very Friday. I would decree that anybody who supports the acts or ideology of ISIS, or brandishes their flags, shall be prosecuted by the courts—no less than what he is pleading be done to Charbel Khalil.

    This Daryan guy really doesn’t seem to be daryan of anything. Could he and his entourage be any more oblivious to what is going on around them? The most murderous movement of the century is at our tiny borders and the dude is worried about a comedian?! These people need to wake up and smell the goddamn coffee. The way they go about life is as if what ISIS—and similar movements—are doing doesn’t concern them, is simply not happening, or is taking place in another cosmic dimension. Now THAT is insulting.

    • Hannibal

      WELL SAID!
      But again that is why you’re not a Grand Mufti… lol 😉

      • 5thDrawer

        LOL … Indeed. Who wants to be THAT scrambled in the head?

  • 5thDrawer
  • Super-habib

    That lawyer sounds like a professional creep.

  • Maborlz Ez-Hari

    Again the most insulting thing to islam is islam itself, jihad nikah is what it is and how do they plan to keep these teachings from being mocked they are a mockery in themselves. Please guys wake up The devils in the details.