US embassy marchers in London condemn Ferguson shooting

black lives matterHundreds of people have taken part in a demonstration outside the US embassy in London condemning the decision not to charge a police officer with shooting Missouri teenager Michael Brown.

Protesters observed a minute’s silence before marching down Oxford Street and making their way to Parliament Square.

They were joined by Carole Duggan, whose nephew Mark was shot dead by a Met police officer in 2011.

Police said the “impromptu march” ended peacefully at about 23:30 GMT.

Ms Duggan told the crowd on Wednesday evening “we know the pain of losing somebody at the hands of the police”.

She told them they were sending a message to the family of Michael Brown.

“That is why we stand in solidarity with the community of Ferguson. I feel they are very strong and brave people.”

She went on: “They’ve come to a point in Ferguson where there is no turning back.

“They have to carry on fighting. They have to see this through. We have to stand behind them because you know what happens there will eventually happen here.”

The US Embassy protest was organised by campaign groups Stand Up To Racism and London Black Revolutionaries, according to the Press Association.

It follows the decision not to charge white police officer Darren Wilson with the death of Michael Brown who was shot dead on 9 August in Ferguson.

In London, protesters held placards which read “Jail racist cops” and chanted “Killer police off our streets”.

The protesters marched down Oxford Street at around 21:00 GMT on Wednesday
The protesters marched down Oxford Street at around 21:00 GMT on Wednesday

After marching down Europe’s busiest shopping street, they gathered again in Parliament Square. No arrests were made.

The sister of Sean Rigg, who died at Brixton police station in 2008, was also at the rally.

Marcia Rigg said: “Burning and looting – we don’t condone these acts – but I for one, and I’m sure people around the world, understand the frustration and anger that the people are feeling when our loved ones are murdered on the streets.”




  • Tk

    fact is fact, Micheal Brown, went to a convenient store. he stoles a pack of cigarets . There was a video showing him almost attacking the owner … he commits a crime , and when was questioned by police officer Daren Wilson , he attacked him. So there is no racial issue here. if black people are asking for racial injustice, then why don’t they see what he have done to the owner of the store, he was a racial minority.

    • 5thDrawer

      What ‘The Crowd’ has done to the other stores there only shows the idiocy of ‘the crowd’ and the mentalities the cops have to work with. But the ‘reactionists’ never wait to know all the facts, when they wish to find an excuse to push an agenda. Of course, they often agree with anarchy too.
      The demonstrations in cities around the world about something that happens in USA are fuelled by those anarchists too – and there’s lots of anti-USA types these days – who will find a way to push ‘the crowd’ into unlawful behaviour no-one sane can condone.
      And yes, we know some ‘profiling’ is common … best thing to do is to NOT fit the profile.
      Looting stores ?? Ahhh yes, Christmas time ….

      • TheUSequalsTheIS

        but when a british woman left the her wonderful country wid human rights to go to iran wid no human rights just to commit a crime by entering a stadium that was not “idiotic”..
        ppl here r so full shit but u r worst one.
        u have to deal wid the fact that the american popo is something not so nice.

        • 5thDrawer

          Well, not everyone is ‘nice’ … but there is law … and I don’t think the British woman went there to attack policemen … I don’t see that as quite the same thing as entering an Exclusive Male Club. If ‘the law’ says they can chop off a head for going to a soccer game or walking through a door, then ‘the law’ truly IS a ass.
          Especially since she was given a Visa to be there.

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            she was given a visa to be there not to break the law that u call ass. let me remind u that many iranian women themselves do not want to get close to men, and they are pretty comfortable this way so its not all about a regime that has the final say about this

      • sweetvirgo

        It’s crazy with all these protest. I feel sorry for the parents to have to bury their son. He didn’t deserve to die but he did commit a crime and he charged at the police officer. What was the cop to do?? See this interview below with a news anchor and the defense attorney for the Brown case. He couldn’t even defend it

    • TheUSequalsTheIS

      but he deserved to die bcos he “almost” attacked the shop owner? a while ago an iranian women also committed a crime, a much more serious kind of crime, she killed another man she thought was raping her, and when she got convicted to death everybody was like “its a violation of human rights” bla bla bla….
      thank u for once again showing how much full of crap the united states of paradise is.
      but i agree wid u on one single point. when it comes to the american popo there is no “racial” issue as white ppl also get the exact same treatment and just for the record, i’m not complimenting them

      • Tk

        I have never said that Micheal Brown deserves to die because he stole a pack of cigarette. Also I think, his death would have been prevented. I think to be honest with you, it was a moment of rage . Education and behaviorism comes into play in this incident.You cannot keep thinking because you are black you are treated differently then other race. It is a problem of an attitude….
        Back to your question about the united states and the laws. I am not saying it is perfect and none of the country in the world have perfect laws.
        You draw the issue of the women and Iran that got raped and was violated and she defended herself in Iran, then my question to you, what do you wants the united states do about it other then condemning the indictment of the women .
        so I don’t see your point between the united state and Iran, Can you please be more descriptive?
        Can the united state stops the indictment ?
        are you trying to compare both laws? I really didn’t understand your point of view on this matter?

        • 5thDrawer

          It’s the same kind of thinking that says it’s ok to rob somebody’s (anybody’s) store, because a member of ‘your tribe’ got shot for attacking ‘the law’ – represented by a cop.
          Hell, some idiot puts out a ‘film’ that a tribe in one country doesn’t like, and so a tribal crowd in a third country goes and burns a KFC (in Tripoli), after stealing the chips and chairs first. Can’t understand that either – because there can be no rational understanding of the weird thought-pattern at work to produce those idiocies.

        • TheUSequalsTheIS

          i want the united states not to condemn it bcos its not their business at all especially when the united states is a lot worse than iran in terms of curelty

          • Tk

            Let me ask you this then. I live in the united states , I have never broken a law, but I am critical of the political trends between republican and democrats. Can I do that in Iran ? Can I stand up on the road in Tehran and talk against the government of Iran?

            I know lot of muslim iranian that are affraid to go back home , since they choose to live the united states. Can you explain to me , why an american Iranian is in prison in Iran, just because he made an interview with Anthony Bourdain in cnn ?

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            u cud if the americans hadnt removed a democratically elected president in the 50’s… is that answer enuffff for ya???

    • sweetvirgo

      It’s crazy the people that protesting. I feel sorry for the parents because they had to bury their child but he did commit a crime. His own defense attorney had a hard time defending him in an interview. You have to watch this interview.

  • TheUSequalsTheIS

    is everything ok in the united states of paradise?