Meet Maram Susli, Assad’s biggest fangirl on social media

Maram SusliMaram Susli calls ISIS an American puppet, compares Nazis to Zionists—and is quickly gaining a global following, including one of MIT’s most storied professors.

She thinks that Ebola could be an American military bioweapon. She thinks that the Defense Department’s advanced research arm is covertly intervening in the GamerGate debate about feminism and video games. She’s fond of extremist groups like Hezbollah. She believes the Illuminati are leaving secret clues in, among other places, the viral Kony 2012 video. Oh, and she also says she’s in contact with the Syrian Electronic Army, the hacker group tied to the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Meet the Damascus regime’s biggest fangirl on social media—at least in English language social media. Her name is Maram Susli. Or Mimi al-Laham. Or Partisangirl. Or Syrian Girl. Or it would appear, or Syrian Sister. She goes by many handles.

As “Partisangirl,” Susli has emerged from the fever swamps of online conspiracy forums and onto social media to become a darling of truthers and state propaganda channels alike. Whenever there’s unpleasant news about the Syrian military or government, Susli (that’s her surname) seems to be there to interpret the false flag semaphore for her rapt audience. The chemical-weapons attack that killed hundreds in the Damascus suburbs? The rebels’ fault. The massacre of more than 100 men, women, and children in Houla? Oh, that was British intelligence. The U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria? Just an elaborate show, since American is taking it easy on ISIS. And the ghastly videos featuring the murder of Western aid workers? Many of them are fakes.

The U.S. pulled back from intervening in Syria—well, at least for a year or so. Susli believes she played a part in that pause. “I’m not saying it’s me that did it,” she said. “But I’d like to think that I helped.”
“There’s an elite and they’re trying to manipulate people’s minds,” Susli told The Daily Beast. “It’s claimed that we’re living in a free democracy but we’re really not. It’s just an illusion. And the more people know that, the more they distrust what they’re hearing.”

The Internet’s always had a well-populated fringe and Susli’s place in its firmament might not otherwise be noteworthy. But with the help of a distinguished MIT professor—whose work has been cited by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist—she’s trying to move beyond the chemtrails crowd. Her YouTube videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views. She’s been interviewed uncritically by Vice. A lapsed graduate student in chemistry at the University of Western Australia, she’s been brought into the academy to become a source of expertise on the chemical-weapons attack that brought America to the brink of war in Syria last year.

Eventually, the U.S. pulled back from intervening in Syria—well, at least for a year or so. Susli believes she played a part in that pause. “I’m not saying it’s me that did it,” she said. “But I’d like to think that I helped.”

Now, the U.S. is back in Syria—this time, for real. And with U.S. and allied forces dropping bombs on Syria, the propaganda war surrounding the fighting there is gaining newfound international attention. Americans who previously tuned out the long, bloody civil war are now looking to learn more. Fortunately for them, there’s an eager, English-speaking Syrian just waiting to be their gateway to understanding the conflict.

Susli, born in Damascus and raised in Australia, has been an activist since her teenage years. But when protests in Syria turned to civil war in June 2011, that activism took on a new ferocity.

Susli’s first tweet under the @Partisangirl handle, in June 2011, marked the death of five American soldiers—and hinted at the bilious commentary that would eventually blossom into 20,000-follower Twitter account and hundreds of thousands of views on her YouTube channel.

But it wasn’t until a few months later, when she began appearing on YouTube, that Susli’s popularity would take hold. She made her video debut as “Syrian Girl” on the YouTube channel of 108Morris108, a conspiracy enthusiast convinced of Jewish world domination and a “Jewish goal to mix all the races.” There, she premiered the narrative and style that would gain her fame. With airy, sing-song diction, Susli video warns viewers of the perfidies of America, Israel, their many secrets manifestations and their responsibility for the unrest in Syria.

Where most conspiracy video blogs tended to feature older men looking like they’d switched on a webcam right after rolling off the futon, Susli’s presentation was professional by contrast. She was young, female and clean-cut. Hair and makeup: overdone, but impeccable. In the right light, one could even call her looks Kardashian-esque. Her talking points and telegenic presence caught the attention of conspiracy theory king and InfoWars radio host Alex Jones, kicking off a string of appearances in truther venues and state propaganda channels like Iran’s PressTV and Russia’s RT.

It’s little wonder that Susli found her way into Jones’ orbit as conspiracies lie at the heart of her worldview, if her comments on social media are any indication. According to her, 9/11 was an “inside job.” al Qaeda and ISIS, by her telling, don’t exist in the form they’ve been presented to the global public. First off, they’re one in the same. Second, they’re a CIA front—hence the use of “ALCIAda,” a favorite portmanteau.

Despite her trolling over Assad’s enemies, despite her appearances on Assad-friendly media outlets, and despite her connections to pro-Assad hackers (more on that in a bit), Susli told The Daily Beast that she wasn’t in favor of the Syrian dictator and his Baathist party cronies. The Baathists had confiscated her family’s land; her grandfather was a general before they took over. But she was absolutely convinced that the civil war was really an outsiders’ plot, and that the rebels were nothing more than Islamist radicals.

“Mainly I am just anti-rebellion, because I always thought and I always knew that especially because of the agendas and the foreign influence that it was going to destroy the country,” Susli said. “To me, it’s basically a Muslim Brotherhood uprising.”

The @Partisangirl social-media experience bends current events through the lens of secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati. She apparently sees them—in concert with America, Israel, and NATO—as the ever-present, ever-guiding hand behind current affairs. In one of her more popular videos, she explains that groups like the “New World Order” have targeted Assad’s government, in part because it doesn’t allow genetically modified crops or have “a Rothschild central bank.”

Her rhetorical allegiances can be fickle, however. When WikiLeaks was sharing details of American war efforts, Susli was happy to share the organization’s links. Once the group purportedly dumped the hacked contents of senior Syrian officials’ inboxes, though, Susli’s opinion changed. In a since-deleted video, she dubbed them “NATO’s Final Media Card,” a “cognitive infiltration operation” and a “CIA front group masquerading as a neutral beacon of truth.”

Nothing about Susli’s views would strike anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes in the comments section of an article about the Middle East as especially unique. And for a long time, they didn’t. Before then, Susli seems to have labored in misspelled obscurity at a handful online forums, earning not much more attention than the occasional ban from administrators.

Susli appears to have shared her thoughts with the Internet as “Syrian Sister” before her debut as “Syrian Girl” or “Partisangirl.” Dating back to 2005, Syrian Sister posted at ShiaChat, a discussion forum for issues in the Shiite Muslim community, and AboveTopSecret, one of the Internet’s most popular conspiracy theory forums.

“I did definitely post on AboveTopSecret,” she told The Daily Beast, without confirming her use of any particular handle. “Back in the day, those forums were the ways you communicated information.” And as for ShiaChat, “as a younger person I used to waste some of my time arguing with people” there.

There’s no way to say for sure which accounts belonged to Susli—and she has said in the past that she has been misquoted. But the “Syrian Sister” accounts on ShiaChat and AboveTopSecret shared a number of biographical details that line up with Susli’s background. The account-holder purported to be Syrian expats living in Australia, like Susli. Their choice of handle, “Syrian Sister,” echoes Susli’s email address. And their fondness for Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, expressed in posts praising and linking to his work, mimics Susli’s appreciation for the artist’s work. At ShiaChat, the “Syrian Sister” account later asked readers if they remembered her writings, saying “This is me. I’m the Syrian Girl,” alongside links to video interviews from Susli’s YouTube channel.

AboveTopSecret’s “Syrian Sister” also displayed a similar passion for anti-Israel invective and Middle Eastern politics as Susli has on Twitter and YouTube. In a thread titled “The Nazis Link to the Zionists,” Syrian Sister wondered aloud whether the genocidal Jew-hating Nazi regime were, in fact, secret Zionists. “After all the Zionists and the Nazis had the same agenda, to get the Jews out of Europe.”

It’s a situation that Susli would like to reverse in modern-day Israel. Forget separate Israeli and Palestinian states. “I don’t even believe in a two-state solution,” Susli told The Daily Beast. “I believe in a one-state solution. Muslims and Christians and Jews lived together in Palestine before the Europeans came in 1948. And they didn’t have any problems. So why shouldn’t that be possible again?”

On 4chan, a message board known for spawning Internet memes like “lolcats” and the hacktivist group Anonymous, there was also someone signing posts as “Syrian Sister.” Using a stock image for an avatar, this Syrian Sister wrote that “Though I currently line [sic] in Australia I was raised in Syria.” (The post was archived by the 4chan archiving site.)

After deriding 4chan as “controlled by the Freemasons,” this post signed by Syrian Sister read, “I have been blessed to know martyrs before, and they will soon teach you who dwell in Europe and the USA regime a lesson you won’t forget.”

Did Susli post this ominous message herself? Again, there’s no way to know for certain. And again, Susli claims to have been misquoted in the past. Earlier this week, when asked about her activity on 4chan, Susli said at first, “I was never part of 4chan. I never got into 4chan.”

A moment later, however, Susli added, “I may have browsed the forum. I may have posted once. I was never really big into that community.” (A 4chan poster using the handle “SyrianGirlPartisan” also claimed to be AboveTopSecret’s “Syrian Sister.”)

In addition to the basic biographical details, the language in the 4chan message appears remarkably similar to that used earlier by the “Syrian Sister” account on AboveTopSecret. The “Syrian Sister” talking tough on 4chan used sentences and misspellings found almost word for word in posts by AboveTopSecret’s “Syrian Sister” five years earlier. (And someone claiming to have created the AboveTopSecret “Syrian Sister” account also claimed to be Susli.)


The Daily Beast

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        She is just a loud mouth trying to make a name for herself and of course many idiots followers love her because they’re as dumb as her.. Assad revers her because she is on his side.. if Assad had helped in reconstructing Lebanon or at least stayed Nice in Lebanon and spread the wealth and power among his people he would not have this. But when people rise in order to get what they deserve their economic freedom and free expression then the rebeliation would not have taken place. when his cousins and uncles and his surrogates benefits the most at the sweat of their own people the people would not have asked for outside help. Unfortunately the outside help this time was using the revolution in order to spread their idiology and caliphate rules. you see Iran been training Hezbollah to do its biddings. Al Qaada started a war in Iraq and look them split. there is a belief once ISIS is weakened they will fold back to Al Qaada. But the later will assasinate Caliph Ibrahim. look at HEzbollah they’re scared shit of Al Nusra. they created fear of them in Lebanon and brought them over so they can get sympathy. now suddenly Christians are buying into their scared tactics. and who can blame them anyway. But if Al Nusra and ISIS came to lebanon make no mistakes about it. It was all the doings of Iran, Syria and hezbollah was a gracious host to relieve assad and Iraq from ISIS and Al Nusra.. but why keep wasting energy here when you idiots followers of hezbollah and if all lebanese said no to Hezbollah and no to Al Nusra and no to ISIS. No to Jumblat, Bashar, Nassrallah, Gaegae and Gemalys and the clown Aoun we would live in peace, prosperity and live long enough to see 24 hours of Electricity..

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          Then I’m an idiot. Syrian Girl is a Syrian Sunni, a Patriot, contrary to the propaganda article of lies brain washing formulas such the bellicose “Meet Syrian REGIME greatest admirer HUH?) is this a satire or an a rational article?
          Forget “the only Democracy in the Middle East Israel), and the brain washing key words formulas: MeedAssad admirer..
          She never hide her objections to Assad and wanted reforms but this became another story dear nagy. Syrian Girl or anything called “Syrian” is BAD even a “Syrian” nun is a target of vilification.

          The loud mouth is Netanyahu $$$ mouth, er…we don’t know..(funny it only says the Daily Beast).

          Israel wants to keep the Shebaa farms Assad had made an official declaration; that Shebaa are in Lebanese territories which he was supposed to finalize legally in Europe.

          Israel and Israeli vassal the US, want to keep the Occupied Golan Heights, since 2009 security shares (oil and gas) have been sold to Murdoch and Rothschild. Assad must be destroyed to keep Shbaa and the Golan. Christians are out of the way it’s OK thanks to Turkey and Turkey’s protégé ISIS, Al Qaeda -Al Nusra Islamists Saudi Arabia protégé, both US allies. It’s not for the glory of Democracy as we have already seen in Irak and Libya.

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            so what if she is a Sunni and so is Assad wife. This girl lived in Australia all her life probably and she is well off more than majority of sunnis. on the other hand maybe you have not been keeping up with news Miss Hind but many Alawites are protesting the war too and despise Bashar because thousands of their people died in the war and there is no winner in site. second where was this bitch and her family when Assad was bombing the living hell out of Christians and Sunnis in Lebanon? stop bringing US and Israel. Assad brought on himself and its God’s curse upon and his countrymen for terrorizing lebanon for over 30 years.. Its a curse on Hezbollah because they always want to show how powerful they are and how much they’re smart at fighting wars. well we saw how al Nusra are catching up to them and paraded in their territory without Hezbollah in sight. stop bringing israel and the US. i suppose when the US and Israel wanted Assad in Lebanon to keep the PLO in line did you object to Assad and did you call Israel the vassal of the UNited states because of that. Haven’t you seen or heard that many hezbollah fighters families do not dare to speak against the party or air their grievance. just as recently one reporter who’s brother died in the latest battles got his house robbed by Hezbollah in a show of intimidations..
            I despise al Nusra, ISIS, Bashar, Nassrallah and Iran. I love my shiites brothers and the sunnis who love Lebanon and want the best out of Lebanon. war is not going to bring you anything but stupid still believe that it can achieve their objectives. Now if Assad had sat down and granted some true powers to Sunnis and gave them some economic freedom and cut some of the profits to the people who are doing business instead of his cousins taking it all. Nothing would have happened and he would be in power.. and besides who the hell gives him right to be elected for years and years to come..stop blaming everything on israel and the US and if you don’t like this country why don’t live in Dahia or Iran.. please all those people who despise the US. go somewhere else where you feel you can have more freedom to speak your mind.. The first one was Salim Al Louesey whom the Syrian soldiers cut off his tongues and burnet his hands in Acid when he speaking his mind against them. And what About the great Shiites Writer Taha Hussein whom got killed by syrian intelligence and many many more. where do you and this girl come defending assad. let him and his isis burn in hell. And besides why Assad never start bombing ISIS until recently? ISIS were in Daiesh when Assad was only bombing his own people and children and bombing bakeries.. if he had attacked Daiesh much earlier maybe he could have won the war by now.. but he is as idiot as his advisors. only and only if they were more smarter he could be walking safe anywhere in his country. now he is living in nightmares despite his frail smile. may he burn in hell and all those who burned and still burning lebanon. anyone sides with him is an enemy of lebanon. the same goes with ISIS and al nusra for that matter.

          • Hind Abyad

            These are alotta accusations
            I’m not Assad fan
            I don’t live in America
            I won’t live by hate

            Al Rai thinks of Christians disappearing and i admire him.
            PS. The American Congress is owned by AIPAC,
            they proclaim it themselves loud and clear in the open,
            US is Israel vassal..

          • nagy_michael2

            Hind I am sorry if i gone far.. But let me ask you something changing the subject here. Iran have created very sophisticated weaponry and have created such strong forces within the country and outside of it. Since Iraqi gov’t is under the control of the shiites. why haven’t Iran attacked ISIS full scale? why not at least used Jet Fighters to bomb ISIS locations? the threat is near them for God’s sake.. Please do not blame the US and Israel on this one because it ain’t going to pass with me..Until recently even Syrian Air force never really bombed ISIS only al Nusra and FSA and of course civilians. you can’t blaming israel and the us for what’s ailing the middle east. you can’t blame M14 for ISIS. just because some Sunnis support them that doesn’t make M14 supporters pro isis. the Christians have been disappearing during the war mostly because driving by lack of resources for them and also when Hariri helping mostly sunnis and i know he help many other people from different sects. Also Iran and syria helping shiites hezbollah. Rai and many christians churchers who are filthy rich from owning properties and having lots of money. so Rai can sell that thing on his head that has lots of ounces of gold and help create jobs and opportunities for many christians.. I am just saying.. i know for a fact from many friends who Maronites complained about the same thing. so Rai when he gets his millions from iran he could have spent it on Christians in his surrounding at least. Think about it..

          • Hind Abyad

            Thank you say; “why haven’t Iran attacked full scale..”why not at least used jets Fighters to bomb ISIS locations?”
            How can they? Sorry to repeat it, US Israel Saudi Arabia would open the Gates of Hell.. oh and i forgot why would Turkey bombard ISIS they treat the wounded fighters at their hospitals. Kobane Kurd showed the pictures.

            Western and Israeli alliance want no collaboration from Iran or Syria.. no mater how many are crucified, beheaded, how many women and girls are sold as sex slaves..even if this profits to wide child abuse on the internet, also, i didn’t know Al Rai gets millions from Iran, for what..i know Iran offered Lebanon help with weapons, they refused..but accept Saudi millions.

          • nagy_michael2

            On come on Hind.. but the US and the coalation has asked Iran on many occasions. Iran Al Quds Brigade been in Iraq for a long time so how come Israel, Saudi and the US has not unleashed hell on them. Iran used Quds and Al Qaada to attack US troops and killed hundreds of them or rather thousands. how come the US didn’t unleash on Iran then..As far as Turkey i never liked the bastards anyway and I wish Nato kicks them out and stop helping them period.
            Well as far as Rai it seems like every time a Hezbollah delegates comes over he start going south.. so just saying.. but the Maronite church is very rich and they can help the poor to stay in lebanon. but they’re greedy just like every religion and do not help and only take..And last i hope the UN after all this mess behind will seek autonomy for the Kurds and give Turkey the boot.. My hopes and wishes they get a country and so does the palestinians..

          • Hind Abyad

            I read in Arabic media: “Saudi to Iran: Keep out of Irak” “Iran tells Saudis Keep out of Irak”..
            In ancient Greek theatre, every spectator knew the tragic end of the play in advance, the characters blinded by the Gods, continued to act out of what they pretended to reject. God will have the last word:)

          • nagy_michael2

            Well judging since the Ayatollah took over in Iran it never shied from anything. Meaning they are not afraid of Saudi and could careless about saudi. The Nato forces have asked Iran to join them in bombing ISIS. Saudi and other gulf countries are bombing them. So are you telling me that Iran is afraid of Saudi after even they’re inviting them to attack ISIS.. so Iran is going to let Irak and lebanon and syria fall because of they’re afraid of the saudi and americans?? who are you kidding hind darling?

          • Hind Abyad

            Well, that’s news for me i didn’t know Nato asked Iran to join them in bombing ISIS, i repeat i read Saudi say to Iran keep off Irak..


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            U r wrong

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